Will Cathie Wood hold the Robinhood shares with support buying at record low levels?   

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Posted 04 Mar. 2022

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Posted 04 Mar. 2022

Cathie Wood, the founder of ARK coin base investment has been bullish on Robinhood since late last year. She believes Robinhood is a disruptive company that will fundamentally change the way people trade stocks.  Wood’s investment in Robinhood stock is worth $1 billion. In an interview with CNBC, Wood said she has been buying shares of the company at record low levels to support her position.

Rachael Davis
@Rachael.Davis · Posted 04 Mar. 2022

Cathie Wood Robinhood, the founder, and CEO of ARK Investment Management ,  has been a longtime supporter of Robinhood. She believes in the company's mission to democratize access to the financial markets

Wood is also a noted philanthropist who has donated over $100 million of her own money to charitable causes.

Wood has been an investor in Robinhood since 2014 and currently holds shares worth more than $1 million.

Jack Penn
@Jack.Penn · Updated 04 Mar. 2022

Cathie Wood, the founder of ARK coin base Investment Management and a noted cryptocurrency bull, has revealed that she is still holding shares of Robinhood with support buying at record low levels.

Woods made her comments in an interview with CNBC on Monday.

She said that she believes in Robinhood woods business model and that it is poised to become the next Amazon.

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