Why should I buy an Amazon Echo Show 8?   

Kelly Jackson
@Kelly.Jackson · Posted 13 Aug. 2021

Frank Lucas
@Frank.Lucas · Posted 13 Aug. 2021

AmazonEcho Show 8 has all the best-looking displays with smart features from Amazon'sline-up. As well as being larger and more powerful than the smaller Echo Show 5, it costs less than the more powerful Echo Show 10. You can watch videos, listen to music, listen to weather forecasts, and even make video calls using this device.

This is a similar Displays with smart features to the one before but features a slightly faster processor, Cameras for video calls that are improved, and a slightly better battery life. The user interface is the same and its predecessor has the same design and speaker system.

The ability for people to be able to video call makes sense when so many people are stranded at home during these times. The 13-megapixel camera in this generation replaces the previous model with a lower-resolution, lower-quality camera. Likewise, this camera has a mechanical privacy shutter that can block the view and disable the camera.

The quality of video calls has improved immediately. With the Echo Show, you can be connected to Alexa from your smartphone or another Echo product to make video calls, as well as using, Zoom, Skype, or Alexa's Chime to participate in a video conference. When you use Zoom calls, the image becomes clearer, brighter, and more detailed.

It has a high-resolution camera that can successfully detect your looks and frame you automatically without a motorized base like the larger Echo Show 10. With its wide-angle lens, the new camera can do automatic framing. In comparison with the previous Echo Show, the new Echo Show 8 Swifter responds to tapping and swiping due to its new processor. Despite the display still having 1280 by 800 pixels, it is now capable of correctly adjusting its brightness and contrast according to the lighting in the room. Since the screen is a little warmer due to the adaptive color setting, it is more pleasant to watch. In the second generation, there are still two speakers but they are louder and clearer than their predecessors. A surprising amount of sound quality is delivered by the New Echo Show 8, as well as excellent bass. If you hear too much bass when using Alexa, you can correct that by adjusting Alexa's EQ. Similar to the Echo Show 10, the Echo Show 8 uses the same software. Although that it's a voice-activated device, Amazon's weather and news still feel like they're designed for a voice-first experience. Amazon has begun displaying weather and news information separately on the device's display. It is still a bit tedious to tap through all the different screens to get smart home commands, and you must use menus a lot to locate information on the rotating display, even though it is faster. This Echo Show 8 from the amazon brand is a best-of-both-worlds compromise between the too-small Echo Show 5 and the too-expensive Echo Show 10. Innovation is not necessary for a device to be good. The device is recommended for smart homes within Amazon's ecosystem.

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Posted 13 Aug. 2021

Displays powered by Alexa such as the Echo Show offer smart features to Alexa fans. Its price is currently in the middle of the second-generation Echo Show 5 and the second-generation Echo Show 10. This Echo Show fits between the Echo Show 5 & the 10 series in terms of dimensions and cost. Compared to Echo Show 5, it has a similar design and features but has a larger screen so both can play games.


Despite their differing designs, the Echo Show 5 & 8 are quite similar as well as the Echo Show 10. Typically, the device is 8 inches tall with a fabric cover on the back and a screen on the front. Generally, the device measures wide 7.9", high 5.4"  and deep 3.9". Echo Show 8 is slightly larger than the previous model but is highly portable enough to fit easily on Tables and most desks.


While the display has a higher resolution, the pixels are less dense due to the larger screen size. The good thing about it is that it's larger. With the Echo Show 8, you can watch videos, use video calls, and watch video content that was a little difficult with the Echo Show 5.


Both its improved speakers and higher-quality camera make for potentially enhanced audio & video quality with the Echo Show 8. This speaker actually delivers a pretty good listening experience overall. Almost any music style can be amplified by this speaker, including drums and bass guitar. As an added bonus, the Alexa app also allows you to make adjustments to the EQ.

Compared to the previous-generation model, as well as the Echo Show 5, the Echo Show 8 has a much better camera. Video calls can be made or a room view can be seen with the device's 13-megapixel camera. There is decent clarity in the details, and it has a wide angle that makes it easier to see more.


Echo Show 8 has many smart features, which makes it an excellent smart home assistant when coupled with Alexa. Alexa can be used herein the same way as always to access information on the web or control home automation devices. More information will be displayed on the display. You can get a weekly climate forecast by asking about the weather.

In addition to the controls, the interface offers other options. Home automation devices are easily visible and accessible via a swipe, so there is no need to speak. Watching movies and television shows can also be done by Using a smart display.

Navigating the interface, in general, is fairly straightforward. The Echo Show's software was updated recently by Amazon. From the top, you can swipe down to access the controls for brightness and settings. You'll be comfortable within a few days.


In addition to being surprisingly slow to respond to input, the Echo Show 5 has several other weaknesses. Programs did not hang or stop responding.

No compromise is better than Amazon Echo Show 8, which is a good middle ground between the too-little Echo Show 5 and the overpriced Echo Show 10. Devices don't have to be groundbreaking to be good. It is well worth buying it if you have a smart home in Amazon's ecosystem.

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Posted 13 Aug. 2021

In the middle of Amazon's product line, it offers users just the right amount of display size, superior audio. In comparison to last year's model, there isn't much new, except for a faster processor and a higher-resolution webcam. Though compared to other smart displays, this is the strongest all-rounder.

·         With an 8-inch display, the Echo Show 8 (2nd Generation) is large enough to be easily seen, yet small enough so that it can be placed on a desk comfortably. There is little similarity between the Echo Show 5 & Echo Show 8, and they are quite different from the Echo Show 10. · The device has a textile covering on its back and an 8-inch display on its front.

·         Echo Show 8 doesn't feature the new Echo Show 10's motorized base, but it has a 13-megapixel camera. It is a significant upgrade from the 1-megapixel camera in the original Echo Show 8. This high-resolution camera not only optimizes your appearance in video chats but also keeps you in the middle of the frame so you remain center stage. While tracking on the Echo Show 8 by default can be a little discouraging, tapping the screen and tapping the person you want the camera to focus on can dramatically improve things. Using the Echo Show 8's camera, you can also monitor your home. Sign in with your Amazon account and enable Monitoring on your Echo Show 8

·         There are the same 2-inch speakers and passive bass radiator found on the previous-generation Echo. Amazon hasn't upgraded the audio system since the previous generation. The Echo Show 8 sounds great with this combination. The bass is surprising and loud. It's not Amazon's best-sounding smart speaker, but it is energetic and fun for watching videos or films. Watches videos and films can be a bit tinny, but music listening is crystal clear.

·         Its 8-inch display has the same resolution as the Echo Show 8's with a 1280 x 800 resolution. Despite the smaller screen, everything looks sharper. The distance from which you'll usually view this display means its resolution is more than sufficient, regardless of whether you're using the controls on-screen or watching Netflix.

Thus, Amazon's Echo Show 8 will be a better choice for most people. The rotating display, the Zigbee hub, and screen space are sacrificed, but the rest of the experience is the same. The original Echo Show 8 is still a great device and there's no need to upgrade. However, if you're after the best intelligent display on the market, this is the best.

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