Why is V so important to BTS?   

Rachael Davis
@Rachael.Davis · Posted 07 Sep. 2021

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Updated 07 Sep. 2021

It will not surprise you if you are a big fan of K-Pop that there are tons of gorgeous, talented, and unique idols in the K-Pop world. Although there are numerous idols in BTS, there is one with an absolutely unique character. The most attractive member of BTS (besides Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, and Jungkook) is V. Everyone loves his irresistible charm, quirky personality, and dorky behavior. Aside from being a stage idol, he's also an excellent actor on the small screen. As far as appearance, character, and personality are concerned, no other idol can compare to Taehyung, which is why armies are falling hard for him.

Well, V is so important to both BTS and the armed forces for so many reasons. The vocal line would lack power if V were not in BTS because they need to dance while singing. Jungkook Jimin would have to do more than he already does because Jin doesn't do much dancing.


There is some similarity between his voice and the Homme's Lee Hyun. Both of them have big, round voices that sound so manly. His vocals, despite him not being the main vocalist, sound strong and stand out compared to the other members, because he is the only baritone in the vocal line, while the other three members are all tenors. The uniqueness and quality of Taehyung's voice can be recognized in BTS songs, and many fans ask if he can have more lines in their future music.


In addition to being an important member of BTS, he is a great actor. V creates the illusion of a movie in music videos or small trailer tracks. His expressions and acting make him look extremely professional. Hwarang: The Beginning is most likely one of your most anticipated Korean dramas. The biggest reason why you may have watched the drama if you don't like K-dramas but love K-Pop and BTS is probably because of V. He captured the hearts of viewers by being the best scene-stealer with his adorable portrayal of a playful, young Hwarang.


People remember him as the face of BTS, and it's unavoidable. In BTS, V quickly becomes recognizable because of his "unrealistic face". Being in love with V is like being in love with two different men at the same time. The first one is your usual ideal guy - the cool and handsome one named V. He dances and sings passionately on stage and completes their perfect hip hop image with his killer eyes and dead serious look. The other guy is the dork. He does things he likes even if they are weird, like talking to animals and cars to do the laundry and speaking in unfamiliar languages. His name is Kim Taehyung and he brings so much charm and beauty in the world.

 BTS is more fun because of his weirdness. He's also kind of weird, but he's funny in his own way. V often shares his pictures on BTS' official social media account. He contributes to the team, not only with his visuals but also with his talent. He is the most mature man in thoughts.

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