Which is the fourth largest continent in the world?   

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South America is considered to be the fourth largest continent in the world. The huge continent has a different form of geography surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea and linked narrowly with North America. The continent consists of 14 countries mainly Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Columbia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, Suriname, and Peru with two dependent territories South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, and one international territory French Guiana.     The geography of the territory has the highest waterfall also known as Angel Falls situated in Venezuela, shares a humongous part of the land with the Amazon the largest rain forest in the world, South America has the longest mountain range the Andes, Atacama Desert. South America has a wide range of geographical features, which makes it rich in terms of flora and fauna. Also, this continent is famous for minerals and ores. Climate change is not frequent and has a pleasant climate on average. The continent is a home for various endangered species and Amazon is known for its biodiversity and wildlife. From the pages of history, South America has been witnessing a great evolution of civilization, starting from the great pre-Columbian civilization to the European colonization. This continent has been a rich source of historical events that deal with the evolution of civilization to forming a country. South America was colonized by Spain and Portugal in the historic eras. To that, the dark side of the civilization has been into the limelight, slavery in South America. Over course of time, the continent managed to build a nation and also witnessed the rise and fall of dictatorship military.

South America leads in merchandise exports, merchandise exports from other continents were 16% of GDP on an exchange rate basis, Brazil is considered to be the leader in terms of merchandise exports followed by Venezuela Chile, and Argentina. Since 1930 South America has experienced excellent growth and diversification in most sectors. Coffee cocoa soy wheat cotton, in addition to the richness of the geographical structure Amazon, covers about 50% of the continent and it is very rich in minerals, which is unexploited. The main sectors and industries are food, metallurgy aviation naval clothing steel, beverages, tobacco, timber, and chemical. Coming to culture, South America is rich in a culture apart from the amalgamation of indigenous and colonized culture. The continent is known for its excellence in football. Most of the nation in South America celebrates football; any world-class event is like a festival for the people there. A continent is a great place for tourism that serves the beauty of nature as well as the elegance of the cities and streets.

South America is the fourth largest continent but also rich in geographical values.

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The fourth-largest continent in the world is South America.

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