What's the reason behind Robot Cafe's gaining popularity? Where is it located?   

Kelly Jackson
@Kelly.Jackson · Posted 07 Sep. 2021

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Posted 07 Sep. 2021

There have been a variety of applications for robots in numerous industries since they were introduced. Approximately USD147.26 billion in revenues will be generated from the global robotics market. The benefits of robotics are being realized by organizations around the world, which have invested heavily in the technology. Therefore, robots are now entering a broader range of businesses besides big companies and occupying a larger share of the retail sector as well. Combined with advances in AI software and decreasing hardware costs, robotic applications for a variety of uses such as robot restaurants have increased. Each service can be provided by a robot with AI capabilities in robot restaurants. Businesses and consumers can benefit from robots, which can improve the overall dining experience for diners. The adoption of robots for foodservice in many major restaurant groups has already begun, and with the advancement of technology, this adoption is only going to increase.


There is a popular tourist attraction in Tokyo called the Robot Restaurant that offers a show featuring robots, dragons, ninjas, blue-haired dancers, drums, a lot of neon lights, and a lot of really loud music. Tokyo's Robot Restaurant is famous. On your travels, you'll undoubtedly see plenty of Japan's traditional side. But here's the "weird Japan," with its girls, robots, and all-around crazy vibes. You must accept the place as it is and forget all your expectations-if you want to get the most out of it.


The robot café ticket price is ¥8,500 each, at face value, but for credit card bookings via the restaurant's website, they are reduced to ¥7,500. The booking process can be completed online until 5 pm, and after that, a phone call is required. You can get discounts tickets to the robot restaurant experience in Shinjuku. With companies like Voyagin, you can find good deals, so you probably won't have to pay the above-mentioned high price.

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