What’s so special about the SkyView Lite App?   

Jack Penn
@Jack.Penn · Posted 18 Aug. 2021

Jane Martin
@Jane.Martin · Updated 18 Aug. 2021

Observing celestial objectives in the sky using the telescope, binocular is a hobby named Amateur Astronomy. Amateur astronomers don't have any degrees professional but their work adds valuable content to citizen science. They observed the sky at night when most of the celestial objects and astronomical events are more visible but also in the daytime sun and other solar eclipses are visible. In the modern era, various sky-gazing apps are there, among them sky view lite is one of the best ones.


The invention of the app:

Maurizio Leo is a software engineer, co-founder, and developer of the sky view lite app. As per the app developer, the main moto of discovering the app is to explore the universe by neglecting all the obstacles,i.e, location, dark night e.t.c.There is a wide magical universe with many things to discover, how much we know about these all. In the scenario, the fulfillment of the purpose of discovering universal objects is not only appreciating but quite amazing.


Not only we can see the element but also get information like name, distance from earth, radius, and many more. By imaginary line we can see the object as well as what it will be after a certain moment along with current position wi-fi or GPS connection is needed to operate the app.


The function of the app:

This app basically uses our android phone camera by which precisely spotting and identifying the celestial objects can be done during day or night time. We can easily see our favorite constellation, location of the moon, satellite flybys(Hubble, ISS). Identifying galaxies, stars, planets can be done by only pointing our smartphone at the sky. With this app, we can discover over 600,000 stars with an array of nebulae.


Being a small part of the universe, we need to know at least a little bit about other planets and space. Not only do people have a hobby of stargazing, but it could also be a great hobby for today's children who are spending most of their time operating electronic gadgets.

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