What is special about Google TV free channels?   

Richard Blake 
@Richard.Blake · Posted 02 Mar. 2022

Jack Penn 
@Jack.Penn · Posted 02 Mar. 2022

Google is offering more than 300 Google TV channels for free to its Google TV users. The company has partnered with major broadcasters like ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC and other streaming services like PBS Kids, PGA Tour Live Extra, and Pac-12 Now. Users will be able to watch live TV on their TVs as well as Chromecast live or Android TV. They can also stream the content on their mobile devices

Kelly Jackson
@Kelly.Jackson · Posted 02 Mar. 2022

Google TV is a smart TV platform that offers free television channels. The list of channels includes big names like ABC, ESPN, and NBC. But it also includes some lesser-known channels like The CW and Hallmark Channel. Some of the channels are only available in select regions while others are available worldwide. It also includes Pluto TV channels which are also free to users. Many types of content are offered by Pluto TV and they are listed into broader categories:

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