What is Labor Day? What does it mean for the US people?   

Alfred Evans
@Alfred.Evans · Posted 13 Sep. 2021

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Posted 13 Sep. 2021

For 2021, On September 6, Labor Day took place. Labor Day is a celebration of the achievements and contributions of American workers. It is traditionally observed on the first Monday of September. The Labor Day holiday was established in the late 19th century by the labor movement and was made a federal holiday in 1894. In addition to memorializing summer's end, Labor Day weekend is also a celebration of sports, parties, and street parades.


An annual holiday dedicated to celebrating the achievements of workers, it originated in one of the least favorable chapters in American history. The government restricts child labor in some states, but six-year-olds work in factories, mines, and mills among other industries, earning a fraction of what adults earn. A majority of people, especially the very poor and recent immigrants, worked in hazardous conditions with limited access to fresh air and sanitary facilities. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, labor unions grew as manufacturing replaced agriculture as a source of American jobs. Protests and rallies were held to protest poor conditions and to compel employers to change hours and pay.

There were many violent events during this period, including the Haymarket Riot of 1886, which left several Chicago policemen and workers dead. On September 5, New York City hosts the first Labor Day Parade in U.S. history, which begins on that same day in 1882 with 10,000 employees taking unpaid leave to march from City Hall to Union Square. As the workingmen's holiday idea spread, many states recognized it as a state holiday, and many other cities began celebrating it too. Pullman Palace Car Company employees strike May 11, 1894, in Chicago, to protest wage cuts, and their union representatives were fired. A wave of riots was unleashed to break the Pullman strike by federal troops sent to Chicago, which killed more than a dozen workers.


Around the world, labor issues are strikingly similar. To prepare for a global economy, the International Labour Organization adopted four fundamental principles and rights for workers, to which the U.S. also adheres at home and abroad:

·        Individual freedom of association and the ability to bargain collectively.

·        Getting rid of compulsory or forced labor.

·        Child labor should be abolished.

·        Employment discrimination should be eliminated.

A day set aside to celebrate American work reflects the widely varying definitions of work based on varied experiences. In honor of Labor Day, Americans celebrate it in a number of ways: by taking the day off.



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