What is an IP logger?   

Kelly Jackson
@Kelly.Jackson · Posted 09 Sep. 2021

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Updated 09 Sep. 2021

The IP logger is a website that shortens URL. It provides advanced analytics for visitors to your blog, forum, or website through your links. You can find your IP address through this service, as well as see your location by checking the IP address. You can also check URLs for safety and redirection through this service. This service provides detailed statistics on clicks on your links or visitors to your website. You can track IP addresses using short links, invisible pixels, and a geo-logger service that tracks IP addresses in detail. Google IP Logger lets you track website visitors based on their IP addresses.

The IP Logger free App allows you to manage the links that you share on social networks. Using Short URLs, you can store and share URLs more easily. If you use the IP logger’s app or IP logger’s website, you will receive full click logs and statistics for all links you have shortened with the IP logger. Using the IP loggers free App, webmasters and bloggers can now monitor detailed visitor logs and statistics on their web pages, such as location, device ID, Internet Service Provider, IP address, date, and time of visit.

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