What has actually happened in Afghanistan?   

Rachael Davis
@Rachael.Davis · Posted 31 Aug. 2021

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Posted 31 Aug. 2021

After 20 Years of subversive war, the Taliban got the victory and took the charge of Afghanistan. Current situation in Afghanistan is fully controlled by Taliban militants. The militant group has completed their rapid advance all over the country by capturing the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, and took control over their government law and administration.

The situation in Afghanistan comes after when the foreign force of the US government strictly announced that they are going to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan, following a joint deal between the Taliban and the US government. It was for two decades from 2001, the US military force deployed in Afghanistan to control the situation in Afghanistan and maintain the peace in Afghanistan. After 2001, the Taliban again came into power in Afghanistan by capturing Kabul on 15th August 2021and announced that the war in Afghanistan is over. The conflict between them took tens of thousands of lives and displaced more than millions.

Taliban spokesperson has announced that they are committed not to allow the new Afghanistan to become the base land for any terrorist activities that could appall the west. But the big question being asked by over the world also in their country that what the current situation in Afghanistan? Is the war in Afghanistan over? How a militant group can govern a country like Afghanistan and what about their new rules and policies for women, political freedoms and human rights of the country citizens.

There is a big question that, why did The US commit a war in Afghanistan and it was last long for two decades? If we back to 2001, the US force was responded to the attack of 9/11 on Washington and New York; near about 3000 people were badly killed during the conflict between the Taliban and the US forces. Officially it was declared that Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Islamic militant group al-Qaeda is responsible for the incident of 9/11 in New York. Bin Laden was in Afghanistan under the protection of the Taliban and they refuse to hand over him to the US army. Nato allies joined the US and Afghanistan was took over by their new government in 2004 but the Taliban continued their attacks and tried to destroy the peaceful situation in Afghanistan. At the end of 2014 Nato international force successfully ended the deadly combat mission and leaving the whole responsibility for the Afghan army. That gave more great momentum to the Taliban and when the deal was executed and an agreement is done between the US and Taliban that the US army will not interfere in their internal combat between Taliban and Afghanistan, the Taliban started their attacks against the Afghanistan government and on 15th august Taliban took over the Kabul with an official power to govern the country.

This is the current situation in Afghanistan when Afghan citizens are trying to escape from Afghanistan because they are scared about the ongoing war in Afghanistan, their life and their freedom. But Taliban spokesperson says that there will be nothing to worry about, no need to leave Afghanistan. The current situation in Afghanistan is under the control of the Taliban and the war in Afghanistan is over, people can back to their normal life. This time Taliban are coming with their new policies and people will get their rights to live.

Kelly Jackson
@Kelly.Jackson · Posted 31 Aug. 2021

Afghanistan is a country. The majority of people are Muslims in Afghanistan. Now the current situation in Afghanistan is very much unpredictable. The situation in Afghanistan is currently under Taliban control. Taliban takes control over the country as they are trying to make a new government in the country. The previous president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani tries to take control of the situation by declaring a full-scale war in Afghanistan. But somehow he has failed and the Taliban takes control of the country and Kabul as well. Taliban is going to build a new government like twenty years before.

The current situation in Afghanistan is so much terrible that the citizens are trying to escape the country. Many people have lost their houses and they are forced to stay or live in a tent. All the things related to earnings have closed down and the people over there are suffering due to no income and no money. There is no food, no water to consume, no sanitation, and no humanity. The people who are the resident of Afghanistan are helpless with the current situation in Afghanistan. Everyone tries to escape from this situation or rather we can say from this country.

The situation in Afghanistan has become so bad that many people are trying to escape the country without thinking once about their lives. As an example, we all have seen that many Afghan people are hanging on the U.S air force jet while escaping the country and lost their lives, many afghan people are just smashed by the U.S air force jet on the track or runway.

Every country including the big or developed countries is also evacuating its citizens, the embassy staff, and troops. The current situation in Afghanistan is under Taliban control but the Kabul airport is controlled by the American troops. But in the Kabul airport, there is some kind of disturbance is also present. Some of the American troops have died due to the attack on Kabul airport and after that America also conduct some air drone attacks. As per the information, few American soldiers and many militants have died due to this airstrike.

In Afghanistan, there is some internal war is also going on. Internal war in Afghanistan has become a new hope for the Afghan people. The former afghan vice president Amrullah Saleh has declared himself as caretaker president. Panjshir is a place, which is still not under the Taliban control. Several anti-Taliban powers have gathered over Panjshir. From Panjshir they are preparing the blueprint of how to give a fight back to the Taliban.

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