What are the important technical features of Space X's Falcon Heavy rockets?   

Jane Martin
@Jane.Martin · Posted 25 Aug. 2021

Richard Blake
@Richard.Blake · Updated 25 Aug. 2021

Falcon Heavy is a reusable vehicle manufactures and designed by Space X. Space X’s Falcon Heavy is a rocket that has the lift capability is more than the other related operational rockets, included with the payload of 140,700lb (63800kg) to the low Earth orbit, 58,900 lp (26,700 kg) to the Geostationary Transfer Orbit, and 37,000 lp(16800 kg) to Mars injection. Falcon Heavy is the most efficient and powerful operational rocket in the world depending on different factors. It can elevate approx 141,000 lp that a massively greater than a loaded 737 jetliner with the crew, passengers, fuel, and luggage. Every Falcon side booster more or less is identical to the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket included the number of 27efficient Merlin engines, also three aluminum-lithium alloy rocket cores bearing rocket-grade kerosene propellant and liquid oxygen. Falcon Heavy propagates more than the 5 million pounds of kickback at its liftoff from the base.

Space X mostly uses the advanced software package for Falcon Rocket, Star link satellites, and Dragon capsules are closed to execute programs that may be the same on your mobile phone or PC. Chromium is used by Space X to manufacturing its most powerful and effective rocket Falcon Heavy.  Sofia Hnaide said that Google's open-source uses for the chrome web browsers of touch screen users on Crew Dragon. A developer, who had worked on the touch screen display on crew dragon, used the technology in Demo 2 which carried two of the astronauts into the space station. Space X has begun with this creative effort to exhibit its idea of design to NASA but unfortunately, Space X stuck with the idea to demonstrate.

The chromium-based Falcon Heavy interface connects to the vehicle control software which is written in the language of C++ and it effectively running on an open-source Linux operating system. Josh Sulkin, who is the software design leader working for Space X on the touch screen interface of crew Dragon capsule, said that Space X maintains their own Linux operating system variant, but it is a very close cousin of the versions that run inside the Android mobile phones and PCs.

Its features improve its landing legs, and also other minor and major improvement which help to recovery and reuse of Falcon Heavy rocket. In 2018, Falcon Heavy has flown first to orbit consisting of the strengthened first stage of Falcon Heavy as a central core with additionally attached two Falcon 9 first stages and used this as a booster.

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