What are the differences between Venmo and PayPal?   

Rachael Davis
@Rachael.Davis · Posted 03 Aug. 2021

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Updated 03 Aug. 2021

Firstly, it must be clear in mind that Venmo and PayPal both are exoteric online payment portals or platforms to transfer money online. Venmo and PayPal are both online payment platforms that are mainly used to receive and sent money or payment between customers and friends. PayPal was developed in 1998, in the form of an electric payment generation system that is mainly useful to online trade. Venmo was founded after 11 years of PayPal launched which comes with easy to transfer money for users to their everyday uses via a mobile phone device or with normal text options.

In between Venmo and PayPal, there is some difference which makes one better compare to another to use. Here is the comparison given for both the portal based on accessibility, fees and cost, rating, transaction limit, where can be each used, and many more.


Both the online payment platform Venmo and PayPal are easily accessed by using mobile phones or desktop browsers on their vicinal apps. Paypal payments allow their users to make payments both online as well as through via their app, there as in Venmo payment transfer only can be done through the respective Venmo app.

Sending Money

Venmo payments are mainly designed for sending money to the other venom app uses in the easy and first method. Venmo app can easily get access Venmo accounts among your friends and family by connecting them through their contact numbers and Facebook account. Money can transfer by searching the account and scanning the QR code present in their Venmo app. Whereas PayPal offers many effective features to transfer money online. Instead of share email addresses to send money or make payments. PayPal users can create a link called PayPal.Me and make their payment by just share this link.

Initially, Venmo’s sending limitation is $299.99 for individuals. Once any user is properly verified by their authority then the weekly rolling limitation increases up to $4,999.99. In PayPal, it is necessary that all the users properly verified that they can be allowed to send money up to $60,000, but for a single transaction the limit amount to be sent is $10,000.

Cost and fees

Venmo and PayPal both offer to their users to create an account free of cost on Android and iOS platforms.  PayPal only allows their users to create their account through their email there as Venmo just needs a phone number to allow their customers to create their account in Venmo.

PayPal charges their users 2.9 percent on every transaction adding $0.30 for a transaction made with debit and credit card. Whereas Venmo charges to their users 3 percent in each transaction with a credit card but in Venmo no fees charges for purchases made by debit card.

Both charge a 1percent fee as services charge for their instant transfer money a maximum of $10.



What should like

·         Venmo is designed for quick and easy money transfers.

·         No fee charges on uses of debit card

What should not like

·         Venmo is only available to use in the U.S.

·         Not widely recognized by retailers


What should like

·         PayPal is accessible in 200 countries worldwide

·         High limitation on transfer money 

What should not like

·         PayPal charges high fees on their transaction

·         They charge on purchases made by debit card

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