What are some tech predictions for the next 20 years?   

Rachael Davis
@Rachael.Davis · Posted 21 Sep. 2021

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Updated 21 Sep. 2021

Technology is the only big thing in today’s world so there have been some technology future predictions. Technologies are expected to bring more changes in everyone’s life in better aspects in the next 20 years. There are way more new technologies when we look into the near future. The next big thing in technology is the uniqueness and creativity of humans which will make the world updated, smart and technology-friendly.

Discussing what is the next big thing in technology and some future technologies which will rule the world for the next 20 years or more.


Smart Robots:

Smart robots have always been a principal of Scifi for many years for many reasons like combining robotics with sufficient artificial intelligence to entertain the digital world idea of becoming physical. There is a lot of need for the improvement of robotics and also need to create an updated brand of artificial research to traverse a myriad of reactions when that technology will be operational. Strong batteries are also required by the AMRs for the research of lithium silicon technologies. For example, such robots can be used in warehouses to pick amazon purchases and as well as in the street where the robots will bring our groceries to our doorstep.



DNA computing :

DNA computing is a new technology that will change the world. Technologies that are created by humans are much easier than regular life problems or complexity. Whenever there's a talk about artificial intelligence but nothing can beat human insides whenever it is about making inferences and learning something. DNA computing is mainly the idea that can be used as biology rather than silicon to get the solution of the complex problem. Because a DNA strand gets linked to one another and it creates the reaction that modifies another sequence of short DNA. Most computers reflect in such a way that humans can think. Humans have been only able to use the most normal Turing machine which deals with creating, feeding an input, getting output depending upon the set of rules. With DNA it manages to play Tic-Tac-toe which is both amazing and dispiriting.


Smart dust:

Smart dust is a technology in 20 years that will get highlighted and is a pack of magnificent small sensors that collects a large number of particulars such as vibrations, temperature, light, etc. in a large region. This kind of technology system can be used by communication with an analysis system or with a server through a wireless network or computer to transmit such particulars. For example, the potential usefulness of such technology will include detecting corrosion in old pipes before leakage problems or also tracking the climate change over a large geographical area, or even monitoring the mass movements in different cities.


4D printing:

Though the name 4D printing might confuse people as it does not imply that human beings will be able to access or create another dimension. Simply, a product that is printed out from a 4D printer is the same as a 3D printer but it will differ in properties when applied to a specific stimulus. For example, some of the industries include fashion- like in cold temperatures when the clothes become tight, homemaking- like when under a particular stimulus the furniture becomes rigid and healthcare- like only if the body gets a certain temperature pill.

Jack Penn
@Jack.Penn · Updated 21 Sep. 2021

The world in the next 20 years or more is likely to change with innovations and technologies with some futuristic looks. Technologies are expected to bring more changes to make our life better in the next few decades. In the future, it is predicted that humans will come up with some amazing technologies beyond our expectations and thinking.  One of the assumed and most unique innovations of humans that will shape in the next few years is Flying vehicles. The flying vehicle is a technology that will change the world once it is launched and introduced to the people has always been in the imagination of people for years. But also there’s a lot of difficulties and issues with this idea of sci-fi. There’s a struggle to stop every person from targeting classical cars and it is not confirmed whether it will ever be overcome. Most importantly, the world is built up in a way for the traditional cars such as the license, parking, roads, insurance, buildings, etc, so in that case, everything should be destroyed and reconstructed according to the future flying cars. It will only be possible if the people crumble and rebuild the possibility of these cars.

Kelly Jackson
@Kelly.Jackson · Updated 21 Sep. 2021

The 21st-century people will witness the technology ideas for the future which will bring breathtaking changes on an astounding scale. Many experiments are going on in the testing phase which is deliberated to reverse or slow the aging of people. They decrease the inflammation that controls the accumulation of degenerative pathologies and substances which are toxic like cardiovascular disease, cancer, or Alzheimer's diseases. In simple words, it can be said as it is not focused on anti-aging instead it focuses on improving the immune system of older people. Not only these, but they also are up with other research which is in the process. The knee arthritis drug test was launched by the American start-up venture unity biotechnology in June 2019. On the other side, the injection of young blood components to curb cognitive loss has been introduced by the biotech alkahest. After years of studies, it is found that rapamycin is an immune booster or supplement that helps to build better immune functions up to 20%.

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Updated 21 Sep. 2021

Technologies tend to show a dark mirror to the world that reflects both what's evil or great about the makers. The important point to ponder upon is that technology is value-neutral, it tells how regular life will be with it or without it. Some of the technologies ideas for the future will be introduced in the next 20 years or more to make the world faster and with fewer difficulties. But every good thing takes time so to make this world technology-friendly, help is needed from the higher sectors like the government to build the required need for the upcoming technological projects. Some future technologies that has been masterfully depicted in the 1998 anime series "Cowboy BeBop" which will rule the world for the next decade are as follows: 

  • Smart Robots
  • DNA computing
  • Smart dust
  • 4D Printing
  •       Flying Space Vehicles
  •       Anti-ageing Drugs
  •       Creative Learning
  •       Mission to Mars
  •       Neuromorphic Hardware
  •       Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)
  •       Volumetric displays / Free-space displays.
  •       Billion drones

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