What are some of the ways of data visualization?   

Frank Lucas
@Frank.Lucas · Posted 19 Aug. 2021

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Updated 19 Aug. 2021

  1. Data visualization is well used in several areas to set up a model of complex events as well as visualize the events that can not be possible to observe directly like a medical condition, weather patterns, and relationships based on mathematics. Here we came with some valuable and basic visualization techniques and tools that can be very useful and easy to detect and decode the data.

    Many people live the whole day with multiple types of data sources and getting the data ready for the truth by visualizing the all data.  Data visualizations are the final or last stage of all the respective data masticating work. Data masticating is a process of taking a long numeric-based list and complex values, visualize them and present them intuitively and easily that can be an understandable way. That is because you must choose the right visualization data but it is challenging to find the right visualization way for the respective data you are willing to decode or show. The best and easy visualization way makes your work more easy and effective. Many people believe in a graph, the chart will be the best and east to reveal complex data or they feel more comfortable with a simple pie chart. But for the data visualization, all the information must be clarified and described in an informative manner. A common visualization of data may lead to a data misinterpretation.


     Some of the best data visualization ways reveal the data in a way that can be usable and understandable by everyone.


          Bar chart

    Bar charts are mainly used to compare many of the items at the same time. It is perfect to presents items along with the Y-axis and values in an X-axis. It can also be possible to break up all the values by using another group or category.

          Line chart

    The line chart is the most popular and preferred chart by many of the visualizers. It performs well in many business cases and describes the data in a way that can be understood easily. Some of the business cases like their sales performance and production for the previous years.


    Pie chart

    If you working on percentage or proportional data then Pie chart is the best way to display the data. The pie charts also displayed the exact size of the relationship between an entire entity and the parts. It must be remembered that Pie chart must include six or fewer categories.

     Scatter chart

    When you are working or trying to show the relationship and distribution of two variables then it is the perfect scenario to apply this scatter chart. The chart circle represents the class being compared also the numeric data and size (Indication depends on circle size). The best example is if you are comparing revenue generation and the unit been sold.

    Pivot table

    A pivot table is the most used and simple way to identify and visualize the encoded data. By using the Pivot table format it is possible to analyze and summarize the massive amount of data also use additional features like color formatting of the data to enhance the appropriate aspects.


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