Want to know what are some anti-aging foods for younger-looking skin?   

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Posted 08 Nov. 2021

Frank Lucas
@Frank.Lucas · Updated 08 Nov. 2021

Anti-aging foods are foods that make our skin young and help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. These foods are very rich in antioxidants, they have a large amount of water in them, healthy fats, that make skin glow and tight.

Papaya is rich in vitamin A C E K calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These nutrients delays aging on the face.

Red bell paper is also known as the best anti-aging food it has a lot of vitamin c in it which is very beneficial for our skin. 

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Updated 08 Nov. 2021

Here are some of the top best anti-aging foods to keep you young.


·      PAPAYA




·      NUTS

·      AVOCADO




We should always fill our bodies with powerful nutrients so that they help our skin to look the best. More green leafy vegetables should be incorporated into the diet.

Rachael Davis
@Rachael.Davis · Updated 08 Nov. 2021

The market is filled with anti-aging products like creams, supplements, etc which gives you false hopes about reducing anti-aging and reducing wrinkles, and tightening up the skin. But actually, the fact is what you eat reflects on your skin. So instead of applying products eating the right foods will help your skin repair and fight against anti-aging.

Here are some foods you must consume for younger-looking skin.

·      Eggs

·      Yellow squash

·      Broccoli

·      Walnuts

·     Strawberries

·     Olive oil


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