Should workers get holiday pay for working on Black Friday?   

Kelly Jackson
@Kelly.Jackson · Posted 25 Nov. 2021

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Updated 25 Nov. 2021

As you all know that holidays are mostly decided by the federal government and except that all are decided by the business. Now as there is a ramp-up of pre-Christmas and post-Christmas. Black Friday is usually celebrated just the day after thanksgiving day. On the day of Black Friday if you choose to work for some extra time then you will be compensated. There should be a holiday for Black Friday so that they get some leisure time to spend with their families

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Updated 25 Nov. 2021

Almost all the workers get a holiday every weekend so it is not necessary to give a holiday at this Black Friday event. If you work more than the usual time you will get some amount extra as well. If you think about the word holiday it refers to “holy day” it is a day where you can spend a day on the God that consists of many days likely Easter Sunday, Good Friday, Christmas, and also it includes Sundays

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