Recommend some best CRM for a startup/business?   

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@Business.Upside · Posted 30 Jul. 2021

Jack Penn
@Jack.Penn · Posted 30 Jul. 2021

With the growing technology in the modern world, we are witnessing several changes and innovations in our day-to-day life. Efficient innovation has changed the lives of humans and the digitalization market has made business much easier. In the sector of the digital market, we will understand CRM or Customer Relationship Manager.

Customer Relationship Manager, CRM is an important part of a company, startup, or business. CRM is a smart technology developed for managing the relationship of a company with potential customers and regular customers. The major idea behind CRM is to generate more business and improve business relationships. CRM helps businesses and startups to find contacts, customers, it also makes reports, time-efficient. CRM can be segregated into four types mainly strategic, operational, analytical and collaborative

In the case of strategic CRM, it focuses upon the building and development of the customer base of a company, whereas operational CRM develops customer relationships as well as generates sales, customer support, and marketing. The given dashboard portrays an overview of all three functions. The dashboard also provides the data about the customer regarding previous marketing results, which helps in generating more business by filtering the needs of the customer. Operational CRM is divided into three parts mainly sales force automation, marketing automation, and service automation.

Salesforce automation works upon generating sales, sales promotions and successfully tracks the client history for further sales. Marketing automation works in converting leads into a full customer, which helps the company to grow its business and customer base. Service automation is generally used to provide support and information through various channels.

Analytical CRM is used to study all the data of customers present on the web it is being collected through various sources and CRM helps in filtering the choices into a decision. This mainly works upon the data mining to understand the needs of the customer, such tools are quite effective in analyzing the customer behavior and needs. The collaborative is a method of working with other sectors like suppliers distributors vendors by sharing the customer data across all platforms.

There are few CRM that has been a top choice amongst all for startups and business-like Really simple systems, Pipedrive, Zoho, nutshell

In short, these tools help not only in generating sales but also maintain a relationship with a customer, which helps the business in having profit and promotion in the market. 

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