Product review is an emerging trend. How is it so important today?   

Jane Martin
@Jane.Martin · Posted 12 Aug. 2021

Kelly Jackson
@Kelly.Jackson · Updated 12 Aug. 2021

Nowadays, product reviews are an emerging aspect. People now search extensively for a review of the product before buying it. There are multiple websites out there serving the purpose. For this write-up, I've chosen two websites IHQREVIEWS and Both these websites are active in the United States of America.

Why are Product Reviews important for customers?

Reviews now form an important part of customers' decisions. Many times, companies create jargons that deceive customers. For example, when a person visits a car shop, the owner recommends car A over car B because car A has a better engine but how that car has a better engine is not explained. Also, companies publish advertisements where they conceal the cons of the product and highlight only the positives. In such a situation, a review of another customer gives a better perspective as to whether the product is worth buying or not.

Websites for Product Review: - 

There are plenty of websites for product reviews available on the internet. Some of them are and These two websites have very diverse content. They have product reviews in a lot of different categories. even has the feature of online shopping, whereas for detailed reviews is better.

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