My TV audio isn't great. Should I get a new TV or a sound bar?   

Frank Lucas
@Frank.Lucas · Posted 10 Aug. 2021

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Posted 10 Aug. 2021

Bass and treble controls seem to have gone out of style. In fact, Sony's now-discontinued CT60 and similar sound bars used this feature. These days, digital signal processors can provide many different effects. The one most seen is called "TV" and it allows the TV sound to pass through. You complain about the sound of the Sound base’s heavy bass, but this may be appealing for users who watch blockbusters and play action games. Some people buy sound bars so that they can enjoy loud explosions without worrying about their windows shaking.

SOUNDBARS AND BASES: Loudspeakers make sounds by vibrating a cone of paper or plastic, usually inside a box, to move air around.

The treble and midrange of sound bars are provided by a series of loudspeakers (tweeters) arranged in long bars. Rather than just one loudspeaker, they also use a speaker that provides bass. The placement does not matter too much for low-frequency sounds because they are not very directional.

A sound base can also be used to mount your TV since it is large and flat. A typical audio system includes two or three small speakers at the front and a woofer or two, sometimes both. Sound bases have a single plug and are neatly packaged.

It's true that nowadays everything is called a sound bar, but you would probably have been better off with a sound bar rather than a sound base. A sound bar buyer should consider where to place the speaker which generates the bass. Volume control is usually provided by the manufacturer so that the sound can be balanced in accordance with the room's acoustics and placement.

The choice is yours. if your TV isn't doing that well the best way to fix a TV sound is with sound bars. Those who want loud music, or a cinematic experience may choose sound bars as they emphasize bass, while those who want more normal sound may purchase a new tv instead.

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Posted 10 Aug. 2021

There are many reasons why you might want to increase the volume on your TV. It's just that you want to hear better. By working as an external speaker, Sound bars can deliver a stronger and louder sound than the built-in TV speakers. Additionally, sound bars can be configured with multiple speakers and improve sound quality. Speakers sound by vibrating a cone of plastic or paper to move air inside a box. Sound bars are much less bulky and easier to install than conventional speakers, especially when you consider how many speaker channels they come with. You can hear things you didn't even realize were being missed if you watch your movies with sound bars. Television sets that used giant cathode-ray tubes did not have this problem. Inflatable LCD screens created a problem because you couldn't place a loudspeaker that was more than three to four centimeters deep in that space. As TV sound quality decreased, people turned to sound bars and sound bases to boost their enjoyment. The balance of sound can be changed with some sound bars' audio enhancement modes. Modern models come with a Night Mode. A dialogue-enhancement mode is also available on most sound bars, enabling higher-pitched sounds like speech to be accentuated. Loudspeakers move air around by vibrating a conical, paper- or plastic-coated cone. Television sets using giant cathode-ray tubes were not affected by this issue. It was impossible to place a loudspeaker more than three or four centimeters deep under inflatable LCD screens. Increasingly, people are turning to sound bars and sound bases to improve their TV viewing experience. The TV sound can be improved by using sound bars if your TV isn't doing that well.

Rachael Davis
@Rachael.Davis · Posted 10 Aug. 2021

TV audio issues can arise for many different reasons.

The question is which method will resolve your issue properly and which will not. If you buy a new television, you will almost certainly need a separate sound bar or surround sound system. In contrast to today's TVs, your old TV may not be as thin as good sound as most current TVs, and it may have a bezel below it or around its sides, whereas modern TVs may have no or small bezels. According to recent research, bass and treble controls are no longer popular. The best way to upgrade your audio experience would be to get a sound bar, which will amplify and direct the sound appropriately. A sound bar with a subwoofer will really make your TV sound more amazing. The quality of TV sound has become progressively worse, so people have begun to use sound bars and Sound bases to enhance their viewing experience. Several audio enhancement modes on sound bars allow you to customize the sound balance. Most TVs don't do a good job of delivering sound, so sound bars are a good way to fix it. Those looking for loud entertainment can use sound bars as they emphasize bass, while those seeking normal sound may opt for a new television.

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