Is using a fake credit card Generator to verify age to play a game online illegal?   

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Posted 07 Jul. 2021

Frank Lucas
@Frank.Lucas · Posted 04 Aug. 2021

On a serious note, it is considered to be illegal because the user has already manipulated the login information. To that the online gaming service considers the fake id or the manipulated credentials to be original which on further proceedings might create an issue, regarding the data collection of the users.

A fake credit card generator is a part of the software that uses the same patterns and algorithms to create credit card numbers. The law of generation of the credit card number, for both virtual and plastic works in the same manner. The same formula applies to creating a fake credit card and follows the same pattern. The software that generates real credit card numbers can generate fake numbers for a fake credit card too. The difference that lies between authentic and fake credit cards is, original ones are connected to real bank accounts which are authentic and recognized by the government, whereas fake credit cards are linked with any random actual source of capital. The verification part of the credit card must and should pass the Luhn Algorithm to establish its authentic existence. Meanwhile, due to the generation of the fake credit card through the proper process, the fake credit card also passes the Luhn Algorithm or the validity test.

On the other hand, the reality speaks in a different form, because for the online platform the user is a stranger and as long as the purpose of the online platform is served there is no sort of problems that might arise to the user. In the world of business, the enforcement of law acts only when there is a fraudulent case or transaction of money is taking place. According to law, it is illegal but such loopholes are always there to enjoy the e-service maximum.

The rule and regulation that one has manipulated through fake identity and numbers was a policy of an organization. Corporations or organizations do not make rules, laws, and regulations. So according to the question, yes, the data input was fake and does not hold any real identity, hence it is advised not to repeat such activities that might land you in trouble if there is a huge value transaction without any proper name and identity. In the case of online games, if the credentials logged in are fake and the fraudulent attracts attention, then company laws or cybercrime can be charged against the user to restore the loss, faced by the company or the online gaming platform. Other than this there is no reason to be worried but such actions should be prohibited and recommended not to repeat such actions.

IHQ Reviews
@IHQ.Reviews · Posted 08 Jul. 2021

Yes, it is illegal because it is technologically wrong to use a fake credit card anywhere not only in this field. In my point of view, it's an absolutely wrong decision for any verification

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