How will Apple prevent people from being tracked by Apple Air Tags?   

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Posted 15 Jul. 2021

Alfred Evans
@Alfred.Evans · Posted 27 Jul. 2021

A number of proactive measures have been incorporated into AirTag to keep unwanted tracking-

·        AirTags are linked to your Apple ID and cannot be tracked by anyone else.

·        The AirTag does not store location data or location history, Devices that relay a lost AirTag's location remain anonymous, and all location data is encrypted.

·       If someone else's device finds your lost AirTag, you will see where it is on a map, but you will not know who helped find it. Since AirTags are encrypted from end to end, Apple can't see where they are located.

·       A security restriction built into an AirTag prevents the device from being used for secret tracking or unwanted tracking.

·       Someone who planted an AirTag in your belongings for a while will be alerted if an AirTag that belongs to them is discovered near you, which prevents you from being tracked. If you return home or to a location, you frequently visit, the AirTag that's with you will send you an alert. An AirTag notification will appear when this happens, and you can tap it if you want to disable it.

·       The AirTag notification for items you borrow will not be sent for one day. If they are family members, you can prevent Safety Alerts to be sent to those within your Family Sharing group.

·        AirTag Detected alerts will only be triggered when the AirTag is separate from its owner. You won't be bothered if you have friends or family members with AirTags near you.

·       A sound will blare when AirTags is away from their owners for 8 to 24 hours. Before the official firmware update, AirTags played a sound after three days, but Apple cut the time before they played a sound to prevent stalkers from taking advantage of their technology.

·       The serial number of a Tag may be found without alerting its owner if you locate an AirTag on you.

·       By turning counter-clockwise on the back of the AirTag and pulling out the battery, you can disable an AirTag quickly so it doesn't share your location with other people.  Anyone who is on the other end won't be able to see your location.

·       To prevent unauthorized location tracking, AirTag transmits Bluetooth signal identifiers that rotate frequently. Additionally, iOS devices are capable of detecting an AirTag that is not with its owner, and alerting the user if the AirTag is traveling from place to place without its owner.

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