How does the Apple Air Tag work with objects that have no electronics in them like documents etc?   

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Posted 15 Jul. 2021

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Posted 09 Aug. 2021

As well as working with electronic objects, the Apple Air Tag also works with non-electronic items like documents, bags, keys, purses, etc. AirTags are small devices that can be attached to personal items such as keys, wallets, and bags. In addition to sending periodic messages, the tag can track its location periodically through an app, so you can track any lost or forgotten items. The AirTags are small, circular metal discs that are a little, thicker, and bigger. In the "Find My" app, the location of a tag associated with your Apple ID appears, if available. The Find My app has a new Item tab where you can play sounds through the built-in speaker or say, “Hey Siri, find my backpack”. The sound will lead you to your suspected location if it's nearby - then just follow it. Apple iPhones can give you a direct route to an AirTag using Precision Finding if it is nearby. The Ultra-Wideband technology makes it easy to see where your AirTag is and which direction to head in. Find My network devices can detect your AirTag's Bluetooth signal and use it to find nearby devices. You can view your AirTag's location on a map by going to the Find My app on your iOS device and using this device. Your privacy is protected during the entire process by encryption. It protects your privacy by making the entire process anonymous and encrypted. The battery life and data usage do not need to be considered because it is efficient. With an easy one-tap setup, you can connect your AirTag to your iPhone or iPad. Add the AirTag to your tracking item, enter an item's name on it, and you're ready to go. You can put AirTag in Lost Mode just like your other Apple devices. Whenever an item on the network is detected, you'll receive a notification. Also, this technology lets people pay for things with Smartphones using their AirTag if they have an NFC-capable phone. AirTag prevents tracking without your permission. AirTag does not store your location or history. The location data that devices relay to AirTag is also encrypted along the way to maintain your anonymity. Hence, Apple doesn't even know where your AirTag is or what device it's using to locate it.

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