How do you choose the right keywords for SEO?   

Frank Lucas
@Frank.Lucas · Posted 07 Jul. 2021

Jack Penn
@Jack.Penn · Posted 30 Jul. 2021

Content containing relevant keywords will increase organic traffic to your website. It is essential to have a keyword research plan in place before starting any SEO efforts. Choosing the right keyword phrase for Google can be a challenge at times. In the past few years, search behavior is continuously changing and search guidelines are always advancing. If you are going to run a successful content marketing campaign, you must know how to utilize keywords. Search engines can use keywords as part of their queries.

A successful search engine optimization (SEO) process begins with the selection of the best keywords. Aiming to attract the right audience is as important as increasing traffic. Research and time are needed to find the best keywords in order to communicate effectively with the target market.

The following points will help you to choose the correct keywords:


When creating your initial list of keywords, identify your target audience. To obtain an opinion on search terms people would use to find your products and services, you can also consult with others, like family members, friends, or even your current customers.


Visit the websites of your competitors to find out what keywords they are selecting. You can identify the keywords they are selecting by reading the content and viewing the metatags. You will be able to see what you may forget as well as widen the list of possible keywords after reviewing those of your competitors.


Keywords with a long tail are composed of more than three words. The search volumes for long-tail keywords happen to be lower, but they usually attract more relevant traffic, are much less competitive, and are easier to rank. Your product/ service should be described using long-tail keywords.


To research your keywords, you can use the Google AdWords keyword tool.


Make sure you monitor and analyze your keywords after you select them. Your competitors may use trending keywords and phrases.

Wherever possible, use your keywords! Write a blog post, create a social media post, and include your keywords in your website content. Keywords help the target audience find you easier, so use them as much as possible within your content.

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For choosing the correct words one needs to identify the target audience, study the competition, using keyword research tools, and then analyzing the results.

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