How did Michael K Williams die?   

Jane Martin
@Jane.Martin · Posted 16 Sep. 2021

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Posted 16 Sep. 2021

Micheal k. Williams was 54 years old and was a street philosopher and played as a stick-up man in an acclaimed series of HBO named The wire. He was also seen in Lovecraft country and Boardwalk empire but was more famous for the David Simon series on HBO where he played the role of Omar little. On Monday he was found dead at his penthouse in Williamsburg near Brooklyn. According to the research reports, the main reason for death was an overdose of drugs like *****. He had a long-term representative named Marianna Shafran who validated the death as a piece of news and also told about his family who were down with deep sorrow and were heartbroken for their insurmountable loss.

According to the reports of the department of City police of the New York Williams was found dead at 2 pm. Meanwhile, during the investigation, it was predicted that the death was possibly due to the overdose of the drug and the police stated that further information and the cause will be examined by the city’s medical department. Omar from the wire was David Simon's season of 5 epics that portrayed the drugs, gritty underworld of corruption, and also police as Baltimore. Many people consider the show as the best series in the history of television and Mr. Micheal William had played the most memorable and best character in the series. All the people and his fans eagerly wanted to know how Michael K Williams died. Micheal William was just 54 years old and was found unresponsive and face-down in his luxury pad of Williamsburg dining room and also ***** was present on the kitchen table. One of the relatives of an Emmy- winning actor had a talk with him on Friday and Micheal William had to show up at an event on Saturday but he never made up to it. William's relative went to his place on Monday and informed the cops that the man was unresponsive and felt cold. Micheal Williams has always talked about his past openly about his struggles with drugs. He was declared dead by the authorities at 2:12 pm though it was not clear for how long the actor may have been dead. A man who was into the cell phone and was sitting at a table outside the Micheal Williams building on a Monday afternoon found the body and was broken and shaking with tears on his face. Cops are busy investigating where he got the drugs from. The medical examiner of the city was present at the building of Micheal Williams on Monday afternoon, including 2 supervisors who were standing outside and also with eight Police of NYPD. After everything is over and after removing all the evidence the friends and the family of Micheal Williams were found consoling each other by hugging each other for the huge loss.

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