How can you contact Facebook if you get some problems with your account?   

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Posted 17 Aug. 2021

Liam Davis
@Liam.Davis · Updated 17 Aug. 2021

Facebook is the social media platform through which people can connect with others throughout the world in real via different online live activities such as chat, message, or image posting on their member or friends wall. This social media service is fully free to use by anyone and there is a “Technical Support” and “Help center” option to provide better services to their users, if you face any problem regarding your account or any others you can be well assisted by their support team. There is an option to connect with their service person live about queries the users like law enforcement issues, marketing, advertising, business development, and employment verification, and many more but not for any technical support.

Step 1

Make the call on 650-543-4800 and press the number ‘2’ for the law enforcement,’3’ for the business development and advertising, ‘4’ for marketing, ‘6’ for the employment verification, and ‘7’ to leave a message regarding an issue that must not be related wit technical issue. 

Step 2

Speak with the representative about your issues and request additional information from the respective department you have called.

Step 3

Write any information if you get from the representative on a paper as a reference for your application in the future.

Step 4

If you face any problem regarding a significant department then directly you can speak with the corporate operator on Facebook just by press ‘0’.

• Facebook Tech Support:

As we all know Facebook is the popular and most preferred social media to connect or interact with people over the world. It is also possible to face some technical and other difficulties during the use of this social media platform like any website. It is normal to get some issues to login with the page, may you cannot get the access to enter any pages related to certain areas on this website or you are facing some loading issues like taking too much time to load a single page or showing that ‘ unable to load’. In this kind of case, you can contact the Facebook technical support team to resolve your issues. Facebook encourages its users to connect with their help center to get the appropriate solution before contacting their support team. 

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