Can you suggest the best TED talks for entrepreneurs?   

Jane Martin
@Jane.Martin · Posted 07 Jul. 2021

Kelly Jackson
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For a budding entrepreneur, it is very common to gather advice and use it in further projects and plans. Ted talks are a pretty important and useful tool for an entrepreneur; this can be used as a tool for future proceedings. TED talks stand for a video presentation for a time span of say 20 minutes, where TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. TED talks can be referred to as motivational videos where the advice and ideas are properly arranged and plotted in a chronological order. This helps the speaker and listener to be on the same page.

Ted talks or rather similar types of shows are nowadays conducted in every nooks and corner of the world. But there are only few people who have mastered the skill. TED talks are the domains they excel at and they do their job so well that today people are not only fascinated rather motivated and inspired.

For instance, to name one such most inspiring TED talker for entrepreneurs is - Simon Sinek.

In his ted talk Simon Sinek explains “all the great and inspiring leaders and organization of the world think act and communicate the exact same way and it’s the complete opposite to everyone else”.

On the topic of how great leaders inspire action, it is the approach of a leader that makes them stand out, the way and the vision one needs to hold should be different yet effective at the same time. Sinek emphasizes the approach on how effective and inspirational can one be, become a leader because a leader is a propeller to the ship of the business. Every single decision and approach depends upon the pitching of the ideas and policies of the leaders that lead one's company to the height of success and development.

On the other hand, we have, Gary Vaynerchuck, he emphasizes more how risk factors can turn into miracles and can work as fuel in leading the business one holds. He highlights the need of taking a calculated risk to make life more fulfilling. He explains that in order to take care of the client, community, or the users one needs to take care of their everything and it starts with “you”.

Ted talks are inspirational and help the head person to bounce back in their respective tracks that define the positive aspects of failure where one can learn a lot and excel in their respective positions. The optimistic approach towards life and business always helps an entrepreneur to achieve the maximum.

Hence, it can be said that TED talks are not only a presentation but also a program where mass motivation is done and which is fruitful for people who are at the beginning of creating a whole new sphere of business. The designed and redefined program of motivation is crafted in such a manner that leads to profits and inspiration in other words this is called a TED talk. 

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TED is a platform where devoted people or entrepreneurs are sharing their stories or ideas related to their life achievements or success.


              The best entrepreneurs are:  


                     Cameron Herold

                         Maya Penn

                     Nirmalya Kumar

                         Simon Sinek

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