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It is the latest digital marketing technique that has become the new strategy of all brands, who relatively wants to get noticed and stand out well because everyone loves to gather different experiences. Special branded events can be a gratifying and amazingly break from routine that can also help consumers see things differently. The importance of experiential marketing is, through a mesmerizing experience, you can fascinate and grab the attention of your audience but also need to... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | 30 Sep. 2021
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There are some ways to buy bitcoin and among them, the best way to buy bitcoins is through PayPal. In PayPal firstly you have to make an account in PayPal and then you can purchase bitcoin from your account and another way is by a third-party provider. One can use different methods via PayPal to buy bitcoin. This includes- The PayPal balance existing in your account. A debit card is linked to a PayPal account. A current bank account is connected to your PayPal account.  Do people often... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | Posted30 Sep. 2021
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           British cities are facing huge problems as petrol pumps are running dry and people are badly suffering due to gasoline shortage after the panic spread throughout the cities. There is a big problem going on in cities and people are facing problems due to this. The British government is looking into this matter and soon a solution will come up for this. This led to a great panic among the people of British cities and above 80% of the gas station are running dry. The... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | 29 Sep. 2021
Posted at: Why are petrol pumps running dry in British cities?

Among the most fast-growing companies, Apple is the most recognized company to remove the headphone jack. There are many brands that have come up with these wireless headphones that include mi, apple, Redmi, boat, and others. While using the headphone jack the phone gets heated up very fast. It also looks very professional avoiding the headphone jacks. Most research says that girls are more in number to use this type of headphones. Many varieties are launched today as the... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | Posted28 Sep. 2021
Posted at: Why have most of the smartphone companies removed the headphone jack from their smartphones?

There are some best sites to watch movies on mobile as well as television shows and news. The mobile streaming apps are as follows:   1. Youtube: Youtube provides a facility to watch free movies on phones for the users and most importantly it is a platform where different aspects of online videos are shared by the content creators or movie makers. It has contents like movies, as well as document short films,  Tv shows, video clips, music videos, video blogging, live... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | Posted27 Sep. 2021
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5g connection is the latest technology that is on the way to set its place in the globe. But there is a lot of question arising from everyone is 5g safe for humans and the environment? 5g is a strong and blazing fast service, which will have lots of benefits to everyone. But people are concerned about the harmful effects of it. The use of a 5g service will lead to the release of electromagnetic frequencies. The electromagnetic frequencies that will release while using the service can be... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | 24 Sep. 2021
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the worldwide financial services business, with applications ranging from fraud detection to banking chatbots and Robo-advisory services. It's also transforming the ever-changing realm of algorithmic trading by reducing human error and speeding decision-making procedures. But how is AI used in this industry, and what are the overall advantages? The capability of AI systems is way better than any human in terms of trading the market.... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | 23 Sep. 2021
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There are a total of six episodes with a duration of 50 minutes per episode, approximately five hours similar to the recently added series ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier'.The Loki series is an action-adventure American web series based on Marvel Comics starring Tom Hiddleston in the lead role. Season one of the Loki series was a creation of Michael Waldron and was directed by Kate Herron with streaming rights given to Disney+. Loki's release... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | 16 Sep. 2021
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These are some of the following ways to make money online- Youtube Youtube is the most trusted platform in terms of earning from home. There are thousands of people earning millions. It's not like whatever you upload on youtube will start giving you money. You need to increase your subscriber by uploading unique or trendy content. After acquiring a certain amount of views on your videos, youtube starts paying you. In simple words, your content should be unique and appealing... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | 15 Sep. 2021
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The popular Apple AirPods are a great way to listen to podcasts, listen to music, and watch videos in the field. However, they are prone to be misplaced like your other small wireless devices. You can find your lost AirPods very easily. You might just be looking for the last place where you left your AirPods case and want to ensure they are nearby. Even if you drop an AirPod under the couch or any other room, there is a way to find individual buds. Read the below... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | 04 Mar. 2022
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Card Thief is a solitaire style stealth game played with a deck of cards. A mobile board game such as Card Thief is one of the few that isn't simply a translation of a boxed board game. Card Thief makes full use of the digital home with its complex strategy and unique aspects that would be impossible on traditional tables. This is a fast, addictive game, with a great deal of strategic depth that is difficult to master. Cards Thief is a game in which you explore a deck of cards as a... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | Posted10 Sep. 2021
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What is the meaning of RTC connecting on discord? It means that your connection is not stable. It shows that your internet connection is not active or you don’t have the proper internet connection on your device. So, it can be fixed by just fixing the internet connection. Also, it can be possible that you have the wrong server. To avoid this issue if you live in any European country then you must choose the European Region. If you are experiencing this discord RTC... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | 04 Mar. 2022
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No the “what we do in the shadows'' show season 3 is not on Netflix and not even the “what we do in the shadows” season 2 was released there but as per the reports air date has been announced for season three and you can watch “what we do in the shadows” season 3 on FX weekly on 2nd September 2021, Thursday and with every episode “what we do in the shadows” streaming will be on Hulu on the next day onwards. Due to covid pandemic filming has been delayed from February to the... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | Posted07 Sep. 2021
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The most special thing about Whataburger is that it can be easily acknowledged by the logo “Flying W” and also the distinctive architecture which is basically in an orange and white A-frame. In the beginning, Whataburgers location was at Odessa, Texas as a distinctive stand-alone which included car hope services for the drive-ins but then it started to open in different locations serving more people of the United States. The Whataburger locations also cover 369 cities in the US which... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | Posted07 Sep. 2021
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What is Donda? Donda is the album studio launched by Kanye West. It is the tenth album studio by the American producer and rapper. This album was released on 29th August 2021, by Def jam Recordings and GOOD Music. This music album was named after his mother's death, late Dona West. It was initially decided that to release on 24th July 2020, but it was delayed multiple times due to some reason. When Kanye West's new album Donda was announced to release after a long-awaited time, it was... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | Posted01 Sep. 2021
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Hurricane ida is a storm. It destroys many things which come in the way it destroys. Hurricane ida is so big that it has already in category 4 in the list of storm categories. The big question is where is hurricane ida now? So hurricane ida does affect the US economy but the impact is very less. The US economy is considered as a number one economy in the world and the US economy itself contributes 24.08% of the world GDP. So they or the US are in the position that they may contribute... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | Posted31 Aug. 2021
Posted at: How will Ida affect the US economy?

It's not the same thing; their roles are entirely different. Sometimes their paths cross and they collaborate. Rockets are not launched or built by NASA. The United States has always used private launch companies to loft the payloads, and private companies to build the payloads, whether it was the Mercury capsule in 1961, the Apollo capsule in 1971, shuttles in 1981, or the Dragon capsule in 2011. Space exploration is the responsibility of NASA, which develops and implements... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | 30 Aug. 2021
Posted at: Are NASA and SPACE X rivals of each other?

I believe nowadays everyone has loved to play video games, everyone means from teenager to adulthood. Now the question arises why they are so obsessed with these video games? They are so obsessed because nowadays video games are enriched with high technology for example high graphics, high internet speed, online paying options, smartphones, and laptops, etc, and in past times no one can think of these. Also nowadays the lack of paying ground and the tendency of everyone to just be in you... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | Posted25 Aug. 2021
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Wells Fargo was established in 1852 and headquarter is present in San Francisco. Wells Fargo successfully provides investment, banking, mortgage product, and banking services. Partially it provides commercial and consumer finance more than in 7200 locations, available more than the 13000 ATM services, mobile banking facility, available internet banking service, and their physical offices in approx 31 countries. It is an excellent bank for those who are looking for both the... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | 20 Aug. 2021
Posted at: What are some of the best things about working at Wells Fargo?

The commute of some kind is an everyday part of the lives of most working adults. You probably don't even think about your commute, as it's part of your everyday routine. Thus, many people do not realize how much their commute could be costing them each month or year. If you drive a long distance to work, you could be paying more for gas, routine maintenance, and wear and tear. Due primarily to what seems like escalating gas prices, gas alone can rack up quite a bill. Even though... (Read Full Comment)

@Frank.Lucas | Posted20 Aug. 2021
Posted at: What are different ways you can cut your work commute costs?