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Co-founded two startups, started a Youtube channel about gardening, studying neuroscience

Here’re some ideas,Sell PPE/PE (personal protection equipment) offline or online - if your gov prohibits you to sell or export them, disassemble them and ship as parts. Make DIY PPE equipment to sell - face masks, face shields, mask string retainer, etc.Sell expiring foods and goods - Last Order app in South Korea is doing just that by letting convenience stores, bakeries, restaurants selling foods that are almost expiring for very low prices.Buy and sell... (Read Full Comment)

@pramanikshreya | 29 Oct. 2020
Posted at: What are some product/service ideas to become a successful entrepreneur during the Pandemic?

This is the story of three amazing bosses who taught me the most important lessons of my life.The first taught me about the Power of One.The second taught me about the Power of Many.And finally, when I was ready, the third taught me about Power.The Power of OneI met the first boss when I was 21 years old. I had just completed my engineering and joined a large cargo ship as Junior Engineer. Within a few days I realised (to my great discomfort) that most of what I had learnt in... (Read Full Comment)

@pramanikshreya | Posted18 Oct. 2020
Posted at: What were your biggest lessons learned in your career?