Why is, "Who Killed Sara" series so popular? Who are in the cast?   

Peter Clark
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Kelly Jackson
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Mexican mystery series "Who Killed Sara?" which returned for a second season May 19 on Netflix, are like early-1970s Toyota Celicas -- an import that offers an attractive combination of style and reliability. It and its exuberant Spanish-language Netflix competitors, like "Money Heist" and "Elite. It may not overrun the American market the way Japanese automobiles once did, but it has the advantage of not having subtitles.

This intriguing mystery is about “who killed Sara?”, as the title suggests. Following his release from prison after 18 years in prison for the ***** of his sister (Ximena Lamadrid), Alex (Manolo Cardona) becomes obsessed with trying to identify the killer and prove Sara's *****. While incarcerated, he was able to gain a mastery of surveillance technology, bomb making, and other dark arts. He sets about investigating and harassing, psychologically as well as physically, the Lazcanos, an old friend of his and Sara's.

With the start of Season 2 is more elusive than ever, a situation that speaks volumes about the show's melodramatic approach. In the second season, Sara's death is looked at from a new perspective by presenting new suspects along with the idea that she might have caused it.

“Who Killed Sara?”series is a Netflix's ***** mystery, has been a big hit since it was originally released in late March. The story follows the Lazacanos, a gang involved in ***** trafficking and *****, who are suspected of killing Sara Guzmán. All the elements are present: betrayal, *****, infidelity, and forbidden love. Seasons three and four are likely to answer all the questions that were raised by the first two. Even though Season 1 premiered just five days ago, Season 2 was announced just five days later. Since "Who Killed Sara?" has become one of Netflix's most popular foreign language series in the US, the streamer will keep it streaming for some time.


It's a tricky one. The ropes were cut by Marifer when she slashed them at the lake, so she thinks she killed Sara. However, during the final minutes of the show, Nicandro (Rodolfo's friend) flips through some files. The psychiatrist who treated Sara is shown in a picture. A photo of Sara comes next, with a caption reading, "S.G. Project's First Patient. Sara receives electroconvulsive therapy in an early flashback, saying she won't become like her father.

The family of Nicandro seems to have planned to ***** Sara. Was it a psychological experiment of some sort? Are there underlying conspiracies here? Nicandro's father may have wanted her dead, so why did he do it? In Season Three, we may learn all these things and more.


Below are the main cast members of Who Killed Sara? series as well as the characters they portray-

Manolo Cardona (Alex Guzmán) In the show, Cardona portrays Alex Guzmán. The actors' few acting credentials -- Narcos and Snitch Cartel have surprised fans with their moving performances in Who Killed Sara? And Ximena Lamadrid (Sara Guzmán) In this role, she portrays Sara, a psychologically disturbed teenager who harbors a number of secrets. In addition to her strong poker face and expressions, Madrid has managed to dazzle fans while new to the acting world.

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