Why is the Bay of Bengal more prone to cyclones than Arabian Sea?   

Jack Penn
@Jack.Penn · Posted 07 Jul. 2021

Alfred Evans
@Alfred.Evans · Posted 30 Jul. 2021

The geographical structure of India portrays that half of the landmass shares its borders with the Himalayas and the Thar desert along with neighboring countries like Pakistan, China, and Afghanistan, whereas the other half is surrounded by the Arabian sea Indian ocean and the Bay of Bengal. Due to vast and diverse geographical structures, the climate differs from place to place. Due to the bay of Bengal in the southeastern part of India. The coastal areas, mainly the eastern ghats faces a lot of torment due to cyclones. The eastern ghats consist of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odhisa, and West Bengal.

Cyclones in the Bay of Bengal are caused due to the low pressure, created by the warm water of the ocean. The strong push of the winds helps in forming cyclones. Due to the geographical shape of the terrain, the cyclone tends to gain more spend while hitting the land.

Moreover bay of Bengal gets more rainfall with winds and warm currents around which keeps the temperature moderately high throughout the year.

In addition to that, the perennial rivers add a constant flow of fresh warm water. Rivers like Ganga and Brahmaputra make it tough and impossible to mix the cooler water below. As there is a lack of landmasses in between bay of Bengal and the pacific ocean which results in cyclonic winds get into the coastal regions causing heavy rainfall. The absence of airflow from North-western India towards the Bay of Bengal after the monsoon phase is also another reason for the chances of cyclones.

Compared to the Arabian sea it has a locational advantage that helps the stronger winds to dissipate the amount of heat present and lack of freshwater helps the warm water to get the mix as a whole with the cool water underneath.

So we can say that due to the geographical features of the Bay of Bengal the states sharing its boundaries are more prone to cyclones and as per reports every year they face the same natural disaster. To that, the disaster management team is quite capable of handling the situation. As of now the eastern part of India has faced a lot of cyclones and they are quite devastating.


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The Bay of Bengal has a larger surface area and it has higher tropical temperature than the Arabian Sea so, the Bay of Bengal is more prone to cyclones than the Arabian Sea.

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