Lily Campbell
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Jack Penn
@Jack.Penn · Posted 09 Sep. 2021

The Japanese television series Attack on Titan is based on manga of the same name by Hajime Isayama. Attack on Titan is about the battle between a Titan and a titan girl. Yelena AOT is the leader of Zeke Yeager's Anti-Marleyan Volunteers. After Marley's failed attack operation, she was one of the Marleyan soldiers on the first survey fleet to Paradis Island. Marlyan is basically Yelena. When the eldians waited for more marlyans to arrive after Reiner and Zeke's escape, she joined forces with the eldians.

Yelena was one of the marleyans who came with them. However, yelena betrayed the marlyans and joined forces with the eldians to assist the latter in building up seaports and railway tracks, which the eldians were unaware of since they were so far behind in these technological developments.

It is said that Yelena betrayed the eldians too and asked Eren for help, in order to fulfill her original plans. In conjunction with Eren and Zeke, she also helped to establish the faction yeagrist and ensured that all of the eldians would not be able to reproduce.

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