Who is the inventor of Calculator?   

Liam Davis
@Liam.Davis · Posted 19 Jul. 2021

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Originally, the inventor of the calculator was Blaise Pascal, then it was modified by Miss Edith Clarke but recently in the digital market it was made popular and available by Texas Instruments, contributor Jack Kilby.

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Updated 06 Aug. 2021

By understanding how technological development has occurred throughout history, we can predict how it may develop in the future. A calculator seems as simple as it gets, and it is impossible to imagine mathematics without one. Due to this, calculators began to be used in the 1970s and smartphones only began to be used in the 1990s. There were many computing machines created long before digital calculators and smartphones, so it doesn't mean that mathematical tools weren't available before the 20th century.

A calculator is a machine for automatically performing arithmetic and mathematical operations. The calculator we have today is based on Blaise Pascal's digital arithmetic machine from 1642. The most advanced machines came about in the 17th century with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, while the most laborious calculating machines became increasingly small and cheaper as they were invented in the late 19th century.

It was Pascaline, also known as Arithmetic Machine, which was the first calculator to come into mass production and to be used. A number of Pascal's mathematical and philosophical works were designed and constructed throughout 1642-1644. Numbers were entered by manipulating the dials, and it could only do addition and subtraction. This is also the first business machine by Pascal, who invented it for his father, a tax collector. In the next decade, he built 50 more.

A mechanical calculator was the first of its kind. In 1642, mathematical thinker and scientist Blaise Pascal went back to a design described by Hero of Alexandria to make a mechanical adding machine that added up the distance traveled by a carriage, based on an engineering design he obtained from a weaver.

 In its original form, the calculator was invented by Blaise Pascal, then modified by Miss Edith Clarke, before becoming popular and available recently on the digital market due to Texas Instruments' Jack Kilby.


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