Which is the best gaming console of all time?   

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Posted 24 Aug. 2021

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Posted 24 Aug. 2021

Every four to five years, gaming fans are served the new and innovative creation of consoles. In that measure, gaming is diverse from another art form, it is what if someone purely invented an innovative new path to experience movies and music every fewer year. We all are experiencing advanced technology over a few decades for all the mediums, whereas gaming was founded on the nominal console generation.

For all that given time there are majorly three massive and reputable organizations catching out the player's attention: Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. For many of the past years, we have been seeing that an extensive system from Atari, Sega, and many others but nowadays it is clear that these three massive companies leading this console market, in a pure word during this advanced era these three giant companies dominate the whole console market where the companies like Sega and Nintendo efficiently competed for the overall the market earlier in the 90s.

The online workability of Microsoft’s Xbox made change the whole scenario of the gaming platform in the year 2000. Now, the battle is going in between play station 5 and the Microsoft Xbox series X, both of them are fighting on making their name in the gaming world.

After taking all this into an account, we can run back through few decades of gaming to attempt the most influential and the best console ever seen. Here some of the best gaming consoles are described based on their rank

1.      Nintendo 64:

Those folks are lucky to grow in the decades between the ‘80s and 90s’; Nintendo 64 is well defined in their childhood. Though the PS1 under the brand of Sony helped to fetch gaming in 3D, this was N64 that showed that it is possible to deliver a 3D gaming experience to the players.


2.      PlayStation 2:

This PlayStation 2 console had many games. It had included every kind of game that you wanted to play. Fantastic licensed games, Great shooters, racers, amazing RPGs, GTAs, Time Splitters, open world, all of this.

The PS2 console system was easy to develop and allow for titles that are yet unsighted on a console. This console included many of my felicitated games as they have done for others.


3.       NES:

It was introduced in 1985. The NES successfully reinvigorated the home gaming afterward the Atari badly collapsed the entire market. This was a massive jumping-off for many of the popular gaming with few of the massive faces in the video game consoles such Kirby, Mario, and Zelda. NES is an almost 35 year’s aged console and still holds today.

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