What percentage of an average salary should anyone put in their investment?   

Alfred Evans
@Alfred.Evans · Posted 08 Jul. 2021

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Updated 03 Aug. 2021

Everyone should invest a minimum of 50 % of his or her average salary. But it depends upon age, family members, etc. Nowadays investment is very much necessary for everyone. Now we need to decide how to and where to invest the money. The average salary is something that will increase every year but the expenses will also increase with it. So, we need to plan in such a way that every increasing expense is equally distributed. Monthly living expenses should be too genuine. Never try to reduce your monthly living expenses unnecessarily. Always try to live life comfortably. Nowadays Mutual Funds are one of the hot investment schemes in the market. So, we need to invest half of our 50% in Mutual Funds. We should always check your portfolio every six months. And also many other schemes are there in the market where we can invest our hard earn money for future planning. So, now we can invest the rest of the 25% by buying government or private company bonds. We can understand that investment is nothing but future planning. So, everyone should break his or her average salary into two parts. One part is for the current time or current planning and the second part is for future planning or investment. Now the second part also needs to break into two or three-part. This is because we cannot invest our all savings into one part or one scheme; there may be some risk factors that we need to look at. That is why we need to break our savings into two to three parts.

Few facts regarding the best ways of investment:

1.      Our investment tenure should be limited to 5years or a maximum of 10years scheme.

2.      We always need to save our earnings and spend money from that, try to forget our investments.

3.      Always try to revise your target when your earnings increase.

4.      Always try to enjoy your life with your earnings, So that we can happily live our lives.

5.      Always try to be in good health physically and mentally.

6.      Never miss renewing health insurance, life insurance.

7.      Everyone should understand that any financial investment does not take under any emotional pressure.

8.      Always try to set your mind. Mindset is something that will help you on a long-term basis. These are the basic plans of day-to-day investment, which everyone should follow.

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Personally, I think, one should invest on the basis of the 50: 30:20 rule in the financial plan. People should invest around 20% of their remuneration in mutual funds & can later increase whenever feasible.

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