What low-cost startups you can start with?   

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Kelly Jackson
@Kelly.Jackson · Posted 07 Apr. 2022

Rachael Davis
@Rachael.Davis · Updated 07 Apr. 2022

Everyone wants to have their start their own business and wishes to be their own boss. But what business idea to start with is a bit tough thing, whether it will give you profit or not? so a lot of questions and query matters before starting your own venture. Here are some ideas I can share with you low-cost startup business ideas which might help you in the long run.

• Online seller

Social media marketing

DIY crafts and treats


Professional organizer

Jane Martin
@Jane.Martin · Updated 07 Apr. 2022

Are you confused about what business to start with profitable business with low startup costs, down below you can explore the list that I have suggested for you that might help you in the long run.

Sell your photography

• Test app development

• Start a pet business

• Launch your own book

• Start a dropshipping business

• Invest in vending machines

Build an audience you can monetize

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Updated 07 Apr. 2022

The list of low-cost business opportunities are as follows:

i) Home Tutoring Business

ii) Nutritionist/Health Coaching Business

iii)Project Management Consulting Business

iv) Music Lessons Business

v) Affiliate Marketing Business

vi) Social Media Marketing Business

vii) Proofreading Business

viii) Photo Editing Business

ix) Candle Making Business

x) Art Lessons Business

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