What is the bitter rivalry between Ford and Ferrari?   

Richard Blake 
@Richard.Blake · Posted 16 May. 2022

Peter Clark 
@Peter.Clark · Posted 16 May. 2022

The rivalry between Ford and Ferrari is one of the most famous rivalries in the world. It’s also the world’s most expensive rivalry. Over the years, the two companies have been battling it out for leadership in the automotive industry. Back in the 1960s, Ford was the undisputed king of the car industry. Over the years, these two automakers have been the kings of the automotive industry. But in recent years, there’s been a bitter rivalry between these two giants. In 2019, Ford plans to invest $1.6 billion in its plant in Flat Rock, Michigan.

Rachael Davis
@Rachael.Davis · Posted 16 May. 2022

The Ford and Ferrari rivalry is one of the greatest rivalries in automotive history. It began in the early 1900s, when Henry Ford began producing cars. At first, he didn’t focus on making luxury vehicles, instead he wanted to produce cars that anyone could afford. Over time, Ford began to produce luxury cars, and the rivalry between him and Ferrari became intense. Their rivalry has been a source of fascination for car enthusiasts and investors alike. Both companies have managed to amass huge profits and build a loyal fanbase. Ford has always been the larger brand, but in the past decade or so, the gap has started to close. Today, it’s difficult to say who is the more popular brand.

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