What is meant by information technology and mention how it influences business and education?   

Kelly Jackson 
@Kelly.Jackson · Posted 21 Jun. 2022

Jane Martin
@Jane.Martin · Posted 21 Jun. 2022

The effect of information technology on business is that information technology is used to analyze specific data and helping in planning the business journey keeping in mind the trends and information according to data. IT can also enhance businesses with tools which can provide solution for the challenges faced in businesses and helps in planning the future growth and development of the company. The business world got completely changed with the introduction of computers. Businesses can use information technology to run their operations in a smoothly. They use it in different departments such as finance, manufacturing, human resources, and security. Technology gave a new direction to every aspect of business. These are a few ways in which information technology has affected business:

  • The Phenomenon of Cloud Computing
  • Increased Customer Segmentation
  • Increased Connectivity
  • Decreasing Costs and Increasing Utility
  • The End of Downtime
  • A Changing Consumer Base

Richard Blake
@Richard.Blake · Updated 21 Jun. 2022

Information Technology refers to the study of computer application that can be used for storing, retrieving, studying, transmitting, altering data and for transferring information. The Information Technology is also an education course that is being undertaken by students as software engineers and in future they work in various IT teams of various IT firms. The IT firms and IT teams of various companies have separate set of members that looks after the network administration, computer programming, web development, technical assistance for the company.

Liam Davis
@Liam.Davis · Updated 21 Jun. 2022

The effect of Information Technology on education is that it gives the chance for the people who are interested to study for a new domain. Information technology has a significant influence in the education sector. Most of the institutions places their teaching materials online so that the students can access them online without attending regular lectures. Search engines on the internet make the research smoother and provide each and every information in a rapid way.

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