What are the best stocks to buy now?   

Liam Davis
@Liam.Davis · Posted 15 Jul. 2021

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@Business.Upside · Posted 16 Jul. 2021

Best stocks are HDFC Bank, HDFC Life, Bajaj Electricals.

Jack Penn
@Jack.Penn · Posted 26 Jul. 2021

Stocks can easily be purchased but without any strategy, it is extremely difficult to buy the right stock. The benefits of compounded growth are often attributed to stock investments over the long term. To appreciate the long-term benefits of investing one must understand the power of compounding. Since the capital that is invested in the initial capital is also earning interest, it produces a multiplicative effect as opposed to an additive effect on the value of the investment. A powerful rebound has taken place since the Coronavirus bear market. The growing confidence in recovery and recovery from the Coronavirus is reflected in the strong action.

Considering recent developments, here is a list of top stocks to watch in an upcoming trading session. Additionally, investors look forward to quarter earnings as earnings to be announced by companies.

·        CIPLA- This drug company and Hetero received emergency marketing authorization from the Indian drug controller for Remdesivir, a medication used to treat severe Covid-19 patients. so, this is one of the best options to invest in for now.

·        HDFC BANK: The company announced that its board has approved a proposal to raise up to Rs 50,000 crore by issuing various debt securities during the next twelve months.

·        GLENMARK PHARMACEUTICALS: The company has developed Favipiravir to treat mild to moderate covid-19 infections.

·        ASHOK LEYLAND: Following a private placement, the company announced it plans to raise Rs 200 crore by issuing securities.

·  GOOGLE STOCK: Following a pass through a flat base buy point of 2,431.41, Google Alphabet is at the top of a buy zone.

·        BIONTECH STOCK: After most recently pulling back near 222, BioNTech's stock has cleared a recent trend line. Coronavirus vaccine makers have just broken out of a short cup base and are now above a new buy point of $252.88.

·        CROCS STOCK: crocs is another highly recommended. With earnings beating expectations, the stock closed well above a flat price area and now trades well above a support area.

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