What are the best sites to watch movies from a mobile phone?   

Kelly Jackson
@Kelly.Jackson · Updated 27 Sep. 2021

Frank Lucas
@Frank.Lucas · Posted 27 Sep. 2021

There are some best sites to watch movies on mobile as well as television shows and news. The mobile streaming apps are as follows:


1. Youtube: Youtube provides a facility to watch free movies on phones for the users and most importantly it is a platform where different aspects of online videos are shared by the content creators or movie makers. It has contents like movies, as well as document short films,  Tv shows, video clips, music videos, video blogging, live streams, etc. Youtube provides a platform to promote videos and helps to bring them to the fingertips of the audience by playing those videos on your smartphones. People can watch any movie or videos on YouTube by downloading the YouTube app on their phones.

2. Netflix: Netflix is one of the best applications for watching movies and tv shows across the world. The  Netflix app offers to watch movies on Android, Windows phones, and also on iOS phones. Netflix has a great impact from bringing a change in the way of watching television or movies as it is a yearly or monthly subscription process according to the choice of the users and they can watch any videos anywhere and anytime. Its subscription plan starts from around $ 7.99 every month and it ranges high accordingly depending upon the preference of the user regarding the quality of the content like HD or 4k.

3. Hulu: Hulu is also an app for smartphones that provides top premium mobile streaming sites or services for TV shows or movies at $6 every month. Hulu comes with different channels like DIY, lifetime movies, discovery life, FYI, science channel, etc. It consists of more than 2500 films, 43000 Television episodes, and over 1650 shows.

4. Crackle: one of the most popular sites for online movie watching for free is crackle. It offers the user to enjoy many movies and also the latest television shows as it is owned by Sony Pictures. Crackle also provides a facility to the user to watch all the spectacular and amazing movies on any dimension of the user’s screen and a monitor is available.

5. Hotstar: Hotstar app is generally popularised for Movies, entertainment, Live cricket, tv shows, and as well as news. To watch the videos, users can take a subscription to the app on a yearly or monthly basis. Some of the movies and shows are limited only to the premium account users though all users can watch movies on their phone free online and as well as tv shows are also available online for free. Hotstar offers a free trial for one month for the new subscribers of the app.

Jane Martin
@Jane.Martin · Updated 28 Feb. 2022

These days there are many sites or apps which give the option to watch movies online and there are several mobile streaming apps that are very popular these days. Sometimes you can watch tv shows or movies free online or sometimes to watch a movie you don’t need to have a continuous internet connection you can watch it on offline mode as well once it is saved after the download. The best app for watching tv series or movies is Netflix.

Netflix is a mobile streaming site that requires a subscription policy for the users to watch movies or tv shows and it can be on a yearly or monthly basis, it does not have an option to watch free movies on phone. Once you are subscribed to Netflix the task of downloading and watching becomes simple. Any movies or television shows which are available on the Netflix official application can be downloaded.

Steps :

1. First you need to download the app from the google play store to watch movies on android phones or the app store.

2. Subscriptions plans are available once you open the app and from there you can pick the desired subscription of your choice

3. After selecting the subscription plan you need to sign in with your username followed by the password.

4. In case of downloading a movie or series you can simply open the choice of your movie or series and from the menu option, you need to click download.

5. Once it is downloaded you can watch your desired choices whenever and wherever you want to.

Lily Campbell
@Lily.Campbell · Updated 02 Mar. 2022

Even if you are taking a holiday from work or traveling somewhere or just spending time at home it is very easy to watch a movie on your phone as it is always within reach. Sitting at home and watching a movie on your phone or tablet is much more convenient than going out to a movie hall. One of the best mobile streaming sites or apps is Youtube which provides an option to watch new as well as old movies online with the best video quality. Youtube is a site and an app that is available to watch movies on android phones and also in ios systems. You can watch the latest streaming movies, music videos, and whatever is trending in entertainment, gaming, news, and many more. Youtube has the facility to subscribe to different channels you like and you can even share them with your friends and most importantly you can watch movies online for free. Though there’s an option of Youtube premium which has the latest new movies and you can get access to it if you pay a certain amount. Some of the more similar apps where you can watch free movies on your phone are crackle, Tubi TV, Hotstar, Pluto Tv, and so on.

Rachael Davis
@Rachael.Davis · Updated 27 Sep. 2021

Everyone is addicted to TV shows and movies or some television series or loves to watch the news. So whenever people get their leisure time from their hectic schedule they love to watch and enjoy classic or latest movies on their phones or tablets. Nowadays some people prefer to watch movies on their phones as it is cheaper than going out to a movie theatre. At the same time, it has become very easy to watch the latest released movie on your phone through different apps and websites instead of going out to a movie hall.There are websites and apps which provide the facility to watch movies on their phone free online instantly or through a subscription method. Therefore ten sites or the mobile streaming apps through which you can download and watch free movies on your phone are as follows:

1. MyDownloadtube

2. Gingle

3. Dj Yaar

4. Vidmate

5. Youtube


7.Divx Crawler


9.AVI Mobile Movies


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