Provide some of ideas of small productive businesses   

Jack Penn
@Jack.Penn · Posted 06 Jul. 2022

Jane Martin
@Jane.Martin · Posted 06 Jul. 2022

Small businesses produce companies that produce goods in small groups. These companies are usually family-owned and helps in keeping jobs in the community. Small productive businesses are the backbone of the economy and employ more than half of all productive workers in the country. Small producers play a major role in job creation and innovation, while India has more than 60% of small and medium producers. Given how important small productive businesses are to our economy and how they will continue to play an important role in future economic development.

Richard Blake
@Richard.Blake · Updated 06 Jul. 2022

Here are some of the best ideas for small businesses in India-

  • Paper production - Almost everyone uses paper every day. In particular, students and office workers use paper every day. So, naturally, the demand for paper is relatively high, in the international market or the domestic market.

  • Home-made Biscuits - The new generation is more concerned with health, and prefers to eat foods that are gluten-free and less processed. And homemade biscuits can be an idea for a small production business in India.

  • Cleaning - It can be the best idea for small businesses in India because it is a permanent business as everyone needs a washcloth to clean and wash.

  • Home-made soaps - There are many concerns about healthy and beautiful skin. Therefore, the demand for household soaps is higher than for those made with chemicals

  • Candle-making -Beautiful and customized candles have a wide range of scope for business.

  • Flavoured beverages - The demand for a variety of beverages is very high due to the high humidity in India.

  • Disposable cups, plates, and utensils - All large businesses in the industry are very concerned about sustainability and environmentally friendly production.

  • Sanitiser Production - The use of sanitizers has been around for a long time, but the attack on COVID-19 has increased the demand for the product significantly.

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