Is the Apple Air Tag worth buying?   

IHQ Reviews
@IHQ.Reviews · Posted 15 Jul. 2021

Alfred Evans
@Alfred.Evans · Posted 28 Jul. 2021

Answering this question is tricky since it solely depends on how often you lose stuff. Using AirTag's UWB communication technology, which works in tandem with Apple's U1 chip, both iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models, an arrow can be displayed when the device is within range. There is a variation in reach, but it is usually about a dozen feet. Even if the missing item is on a different floor from the owner, an owner can be informed when the item is across walls and between floors. Users are notified in real-time when the distance and heading of the AirTag have changed. The AirTag can play a sound to be found, regardless of whether or not it is hidden. Due to the narrow range of 1.2 inches, you can quickly and easily find lost items. With the UWB ability, anyone with an iPhone has an absolute winner, and the AirTag is a near-automatic purchase for those with a U1 chip.

        AirTag, as a new product, has an affordable price and the best technology on the market, so the only concern is compatibility, in addition to Bluetooth, most iPhone models and iPad models are compatible with the patented Precision Finding feature of UWB, which is available only on iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. You can search through Apple's network for a range of items that are not covered by Bluetooth. In comparison with other tracking services, Find My network provides exceptional privacy and provides peace of mind due to end-to-end encryption. There are a lot of spots covered by the Find My network. Due to its competitive pricing, AirTag would eliminate backtracking of overall places visited in a day since it has a competitive price and is available regardless of what Apple device you are using. The AirTag is the perfect tracker for Apple users.

   Among the first-generation of Apple accessories, AirTag is near-perfection. People who lose keys and other small items on a regular basis will find the device useful and should experience less stress.

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