Is Sputnik V a single dose of Vaccine? What do you know about it?   

Alfred Evans
@Alfred.Evans · Posted 14 Jul. 2021

Richard Blake
@Richard.Blake · Posted 29 Jul. 2021

The Sputnik V vaccine is a double vaccination, similar to Covishield / Covaxin. On 11 August 2020, Sputnik V became the world's first registered vaccine against Coronavirus. This vaccine is based on adenoviral vector technology established for humans. After the Bridge clinical trial, Sputnik V is already being administered in India. It will be developed in Russia and will be sold in India by Dr. Reddy’s. Clinical trials conducted in Russia and Phase III clinical trials performed in collaboration with Dr. Reddy's Laboratories have led to registration in India under the emergency use authorization process.

As studies continue, Sputnik's side effects become clearer; studies so far suggest that they're not much different from those of other adenovirus vaccines, except for very rare blood-clotting problems. Although Russian health authorities have not reported any cases of these disorders.

A Sputnik Light dose is like a Sputnik V first dose. Sputnik Light is an effective solution for shortages and outbreaks, but it is not the best choice. The Indian government has not approved Sputnik V Light as a single-dose vaccine. According to some experts, a single-dose vaccine might allow inoculating more people in less time, but longer-term efficacy cannot be determined until more clinical trials have been conducted. It can be useful to boost a country's vaccination requirement by using Sputnik Light, a single-dose vaccine that provides one dose of an essential vaccine. In India, a single-dose Sputnik Light vaccine against Covid-19 may be launched soon. In India, Dr. Reddy is engaged in discussions about the distribution of the Sputnik Light vaccine, according to a source. There is no World Health Organization approval for Sputnik Light till now.


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Recently the Russian Medical Vaccine Research Centre Head also known as The Russian Direct Investment Fund announced that the country, Russia, has approved a one-shot vaccine called the Sputnik Light, which will help curb the vaccine crisis in India by a large scale. The Sputnik Light vaccine is based on the established formula of the human adenoviral vector platform of DNA.

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