How to start a business of clothing?   

Richard Blake
@Richard.Blake · Updated 28 Oct. 2021

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Posted 28 Oct. 2021

Certain steps need to be followed to start a business of clothing. It includes the cost of manufacturing, the quantity, the location, and so on. To start a business the primary need is to manufacture the clothes. In some cases, the cost of manufacturing the product is inversely proportional to the quantity of the product that is if the quantity is higher then the manufacturing cost will be lowered. 

Alfred Evans
@Alfred.Evans · Posted 28 Oct. 2021

To start a business location is also important. It also impacts manufacturing costs. For various locations like some smaller countries manufacturing costs gets higher as the laborers are very few. In many of the firms of clothing, production covers some areas which include China, Bangladesh and so on. 

Liam Davis
@Liam.Davis · Posted 28 Oct. 2021

The most important part is the cost of the material which is a very important part of the business. It can be of any type, cost of packaging, cost of label, cost of fabric that all come under the cost of the material. Startups also include marketing cost which is involved through social media. Nowadays everything is done through social media platforms.

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