How to get the Google DVD Screensaver?   

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Alfred Evans
@Alfred.Evans · Posted 07 Jul. 2022

Jane Martin
@Jane.Martin · Updated 07 Jul. 2022

We can get the new Google DVD screensaver through the following steps-

• Open Google on desktop as the new DVD screensaver cannot be operated from smartphones.

• Search for Google DVD screensaver or DVD bouncing logo or just DVD screensaver. Anything will work.

• After that, wait for about five seconds, and the logo will start to bounce.

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Updated 07 Jul. 2022

Google DVD Screensaver is a screen saver that was developed with the help of Google in 2007 and was discontinued in 2013. Google DVD Screensaver is an application that plays a slideshow of images from Google Avenue View. It got invented to update the "Google gray" screensaver, which shows one full color at a time. Screen saver can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet site and works on Windows XP and Vista applications. Google DVD Screensaver is a collaborative screen saver that displays various Google sales. The buyer can choose to view the Google Earth map, the Google slideshow, YouTube videos, and any other available options. Google has made a DVD screensaver for fun and educational purposes. The screen saver displays the Google logo on a rotating 3D cube with different captions on each side. Summary of Google sales, YouTube, Maps, Chrome, and Earth. Google has launched a brand new screensaver DVD screensaver Easter egg, and you will still need to find it in search. Everything has been changing for the better, so the net has also changed people's views on movies and TV suggestions. However, there was a time when people needed a DVD when they came here to watch any video, be it a movie or another video.

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