How do I start investing? Is it good to invest?   

Liam Davis
@Liam.Davis · Posted 14 Jul. 2021

Alfred Evans
@Alfred.Evans · Posted 27 Jul. 2021

For a secure future and smooth life, one needs to chalk out plans and secure them. Investing is a mode where one can invest their assets to get good returns as well in the future. Investing money is not tough, what comes challenging on way is the authenticity of the firms and clause where the one is investing. Choosing the right platforms and proper tools for investing will lead you to a better yield. There are many platforms where one can invest their money. 

A cookie jar is one of the approaches where one can plan their savings for their future and the system will work according to the command. A cookie jar is coined from the concept of a piggy bank, the old traditional way of saving money. The process is the same but the platform is different with different plans and terms, offering different schemes as per the usage of the system. Chime, Aspiration plus, Empower. These platforms help the users to save money that has been saved by not availing themselves of any services. 

Stock investment or mutual funds is one of the most celebrated investments which are now done by most people. Stock markets investments are long and give a good amount of return. But there is a prevailing risk that depends upon the market condition. For a salaried person, it helps to save tax under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Stock helps one in investing for a company, which needs money to establish and the authenticity is being checked by the market this process of filtration also reduces the risk of fraud.

Real estate, investing in properties needs good capital but can return the amount invested in there. Buying properties or investing in real estate requires a lot of maintenance of the property.

Employee’s provident fund is another tool that helps one to build property; the procedure deducts an amount every month which can be withdrawn after retirement which is also called savings. This technique of investing money not only yields but also allows the abolishment of market risk factors. Provident fund and recurring deposits, these tools of investment are used by authorized banks which offer a certain amount of interest after a stipulated term.

In the scenario of economics, these are the various basic ways of investment one can easily rely on. The types of investment those are mentioned over here are very authentic and genuine to invest in. Now, Rome was not built overnight, so it surely takes time to build property. 

Coming to the second part of the question which asks whether it’s good, of course, it is. These are the investing tools those are completely legal which not only provides good return also have security and safety. Investment and security go hand in hand, in an economical country, more than return people worries about security because money-oriented risk cost more. As per records, there is a very minimal chance of loss, while investing in these platforms, until and unless any external situating forces change norms and terms.

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The most successful were not born in a day suddenly but rather after a lot of struggles, hardships, and losses in their investments. Being a good investor takes a lot of time and patience, not to mention the trial and error in the efforts. Yes, it’s a very good strategy to invest in as it gives good and profitable gains as long as the market is good and the strategy to withdraw money is well versed and well-known. One can either invest in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, or even Gold as long as one knows where and when to invest and withdraw.

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