Does multitasking decrease intelligence?   

Peter Clark
@Peter.Clark · Posted 26 Jul. 2022

Kelly Jackson
@Kelly.Jackson · Updated 26 Jul. 2022

We cannot focus on two tasks simultaneously. It's incredibly tough, it's difficult for us to concentrate or fare well in both the tasks. When we get involved in several tasks - we switch tasks. Although we think there are many benefits of multitasking, multitasking can be compared to juggling – as in juggling you might drop one similarly while multitasking you might perform one task poorly.

Multitasking triggers an imbalance in your brain. Each time there is a switch in attention- the brain pays a toll, the brain cells slow the response to each operation we try to perform.

Also, while the brain shifts between two tasks, there is a huge problem – the brain when coming back to the past task needs to recollect the last place where it left. It must arrange all the contextual elements for the task to which it has just returned. 

Decreasing intelligence means while multitasking the brain gets taxed mentally and emotionally and hence gets fatigued. Not to mention this gives rise to serious fatigue

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