Did Elon Musk takeover Twitter?   

Richard Blake 
@Richard.Blake · Posted 08 Apr. 2022

Frank Lucas
@Frank.Lucas · Posted 08 Apr. 2022

Twitter Inc. announced the name of Elon Musk to its Board after it was disclosed that the CEO of Tesla Inc. was the biggest shareholder of the social media company, as per news.

This appointment practically ends the chances of a takeover of Twitter by Musk and making his ownership to 14.9%. Currently, Musk owns 9.2 % of the Twitter shares which jumped 7% in New York after the market has opened.


Elon Musk tweets regularly and is the most prominent personality on Twitter. He regularly runs into trouble with his tweets.

Twitter has earlier been mocked for having a board member who hardly tweeted. Musk has been controversial on the Twitter platform. Musk Term on Twitter’s Board will expire at its 2024 annual meeting. Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, has stepped CEO of Twitter last year and would leave the board after the term ends in this very year. Dorsey, also Musk’s friend tweeted that he is happy to join the board.

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